Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


still working on the plane, I got the base shape working. I want to keep it quite simple looking, so nothing crazy.

It’s quite difficult getting the right size, since the astronaut is so bulky… I think it’s working for now. I’ll keep tweaking tho…

comments welcome…


Hee hee :smiley: that’s great Versiden, I think you nailed the proportions and he looks nuts too:thumbsup:


Thats it!!! I give up! Theres no hope for the rest of us with people like you in the world… :smiley:

Awesome job man! Really great! How much time have you put into it so far? A couple of hours a night? or are you just that fast?


hahahhahaha…that looks so fun!..i want to do it…and his stupid face is killing me…good job!:thumbsup:


@DaddyMack - thx man, I’ll keep at it.

@slangford - not sure, I haven’t been clocking… I’d say on average maybe 5hrs a day

@melkao - lol, thx for the comments


Hello my old friend, man im looking all the steps inside the thread, youre doing an amazing job so far, really love it. the expressions are really nice too…
ill be back to see more of your work.


Loving your model -real sense of character to him!


haha the idea is very funny and cool. Good luck an energy to this challenge:thumbsup:


Great astranaut model… i like the character with personality that you had created:thumbsup:


simple rig for the ship. Main control makes it pivot, up and down. Steering control rotation in Y and swivel up down…


modeled some arcade machines for my set background.

more to come…


@rattlesnake - thx alot for the support ;p

@Selina42 & Maxter - thx guys, looking fwd to animate soon!

@gG - thx, hope I finish, I haven’t even done my storyboard yet…argh

going to start texturing soon, then I can start animating… there’s still more characters that I’m thinking I have to do (kids playing in the arcade). I need to finish everything before October… so I have just under a month left… ;(((


You’re doing a great job! The new concept is good as the first one and the design is simply amazing .Really love your style. Good luck!


my storyboard, finally!
very short and simple… I’ll start working on the animatic and getting the timing right.


@medunecer - thx for ur comments, hope I can finish! only have this month to work on it ;(


Excellent story !
I hope you can do the whole thing !


very clear!..short story but very funny!..but maybe changind the shot 6 to other angle of the camera…to show where he is at the end, when the kid shows up…well just a though:thumbsup:


awesome story and storyboard!!.. really love the humer. I think u might think abt keeping the suspence for a bit longer. The stars could be a big display screen showsing a space game preview. Just an idea… keep it up… its looking good!


I’ve been working on the set layout, arranging the arcade machines, get working on my light rig. Happy with the mood so far… everything is a grey lambert for now, except the head which has a sss skin shader on it…

anyway…back to work


@gpepper, overcontrast & melkao - thx guys, can’t wait till I can get animated and get everything else out the way. I’ll work on the camera angles more in the 3d animatic.