Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


Gratz man!
I which u the best of luck in the future, and Merry Christmas!


wow this is crazy, thanks so much for all the support guys, without u I wouldn’t have pushed so hard


Congrats Martin. You deserve your first place.


Congratulations. As I posted weeks ago. Animation, materials and light is great. Love the facial expression.


Hi Martin! Congratulations for well deserved Master Award!
Great to know you, looking forward for your upcoming projects!



I´m a winner too… this challenge give me a fantastic friends…
and people to whom to try to imitate.
some day i will animate like your…

you deserve it…

thanks for inspiration.


Hey. Incredible stuff. I loved the finished product. I think it looks like something I’d see in a Pixar movie. Do you mind me asking what programs you use? Because if you use anything besides Maya, I should probably get my hands on it.


Awesome and very impressive from concept to finish. Congratulations on a job well done :thumbsup:


Well done. Timing and animation was good. I also like the design of the spaceman. Definetly a winner.



Congratulations! You made a really amazing piece! Love especially modeling and animation. Great!


@authentic - thanks man, I really loved your short aswell!

@pierzak - thanks man, congrats to you. I think you really have an excellent piece for your reel!

@ashiataka - thanks for the kind comments ;p

@infoarq - congrats! I agree, the community is great and learning and gaining experience is the best part of these challenges

@staghound406 - thanks, I used Softimage|XSI, Mental Ray to render. Composisting done in After Effects

@Kid-Mesh - thanks man

@l33yang - great, I’m glad u liked the project and I hope I’ve contributed to the community in some way.

@medunecer - thanks for your words medunecer!


Hah, awesome work man, looks great. Will definitely stand a chance.


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