Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


Just be careful and read the fine print… :wink:
I was offered a lot of things like this when an animation of mine was featured on youtube.
It looks like a standard agreement that they own your work and can cut in it like they want to… well, just a heads up!

Your animation is very well made!!
I must admit to be on the side of the argument where it doesn’t really do anything for me to see buzz lightyear anymore. That said, your technique in all areas is great! I especially like how nicely, and with great detail, you have animated him.


Looks great! I really like the character modeling and posing, it really tells the whole story. The lighting also looks nice, especially on the kid’s hair. Fantastic work!


Hey Martin,

I must say this is an excellent animation and the story line really hits the mark with the challenge theme. The facial expressions and everything were well done. Super job and good luck.




Sorry, my last post on the board had a wrong email.
If you are



Sorry, my last post had the wrong email. If you are interested in our cinema shorts program, my correct email is
You could always reply to the board too.



hehehehhee, i love this piece. simple and funny, very nice animation, and lighting. i think sound is more than enough to complete this one…

best of luck


hey guys,

thanks for the comments.
Art is always subjective, and not everyone will like it, some people I know hate Star wars ;p I definately am influenced by Disney/pixar/dreamworks/pdi/studio ghibli etc, their films inspire me to want to become an animator and that’s what I am studying and practicing towards. So if Pierzak’s comment that it’s too disney/pixar like, I take that as a compliment. I don’t think I’m near that caliber of performance yet, I have alot more industry experience to gain, but that’s a goal I’m reaching for, and right now this is my level that I’m at, and hopefully I’ve inspired others to push harder, push those poses, and push that benchmark.


Congrats on the Victory m8 :smiley: was a no-brainer for me :smiley:


Hiha cowboy ! Congratulations Martin, you deserve it ! A new Boxx at home !



Look what I found on page 17 ;o


hahaha…congratulations!..i told to all my friends that you will be the winner, and i’d show them your animation…and now you are…nice job my friend!:thumbsup:


hey awesome man!! CONGRATS DUDE!! U totally desurve it!..


Congrats! Great job on your piece and getting all kinds of recognition. Enjoy those new prizes!


congrats mate :thumbsup:


Hah! Start making room for that new BOXX V!

ahem art is always subjective but killer is as killer does;)

Congratulations for creating the finest work I’ve been up against in any challenge anywhere… It was a pleasure watching you work from this side of the screen bro

Enjoy the glory mate… I mean Master…


heah heah! very nice work! awesome! big congrats to you , I’m happy to see my 2 old friend win! again , very nice!


Congrats guys! I really loved this animation. It was really well told and beautifully animated, and you fully deserved to win!:thumbsup:


Hey Martin ,

Congrats on a job well done. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Congratulations Martin!
Great work!


Perfect animation and render. Congratulations!