Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


turned out good. nice attention to detail on his facial expressions. looks like you used some SSS for his skin, too. i love that stuff. i noticed you tweaked the cuts a bit by adding a white flash. that was a good move.
i think the sound feels just a bit incomplete. seems like the spacehip and the spaceman should have been making a lot more noise.
all-in-all it is a nice entry with some good character animation.
good work!


This is amazing, and really inspiring! I’m currently working on a “spaceman”, and now I know what direction to go! There is so much personality in you character, great animation! You really deserve to win!
All best, Roger.


I am so glad you had the chance to finish this one! I kept coming back to the Animation forum to see if there were any noew updates and there never were, and I was getting worried that you wouldn’t finish it off.I’m glad you did. This has come out just splendidly - First-lcass character design and animation! Really great job, so congratulations!


Hey Martin! Congratulations! That’s great to see the finished. With a great concept, well done designs and modelings, textures and stunning animation, this piece is the one for watching over and over again. It was nice to know you and I’m looking for your new animations! Hope you’ll be awarded! Best of luck! Cheers!


Totally brilliant - the expressions of the of the space pilot make this the best I have seen for a while. So much 3d work is characterised by ‘looking like 3d’ - you have managed to go beyond the medium to create something very memorable. Best of luck on what should be a sure winner!


It has been very interesting to see the animation entries for this competition, but it has also left me somewhat baffled to see what entries have become most popular with the forum users. I know nothing is decided yet, but I can not help having to say this.

In regards to your work. It is very nice and a smooth production, but largely unoriginal. The animation has its good points and is conducted with a certain level of craftsmanship for sure, but the story is quaint, not at all representing strange behavior IMHO. The character looks like Buzz Lightyears brother, which is more of a let down than impressive, especially when you consider the style universe given here compared to other already existing ones.

If decides to honour this entry with a top position in the competition, I think it speaks of an unwillingness or incapacity to understand and support true creativity, vision and progressive thinking in 3D production. Taste is a personal matter, but craft alone, does not merit rewards in this instance as far as I am concerned. It is supposed to be strange behaviour, and hopefully 3D and 2D as art forms being the foundation conveying it. This above entry has a fundamental problem in the art department, since there is very little originality to find. For me, this is one stop short of imitation or at least a facsimile of something we have seen done so much better, so many times before.

I think you could do wonders if you put your mind and especially imagination to it.


I have been evaluating my own entry over the past week with fresh and a very critical eye, something I think that is really lacking in these challenges is constructive critism.

I do agree that the entry is not the most original concept, given the time I had I reconsidered my earlier idea(s) and chose a much simpler one. If this was in flaw it’s something that I take with me and learn and move forward from there. It never really had a story to begin with, I originally started out with a basic idea that had 2 shots, to show a supposed Astronaut in an arcade going crazy. Yes, strange behavior is very subjective but I think that’s pretty strange to me. So, in terms of planning - ideas and “story” just evolved, but I never set out for this to be a short film in the first place, and I still do not refer to it as such, it’s just an animation to suite the requirements.

As for the character design, I never set out intending a carbon copy Buzz. I wanted to create a typcial stereotypical “hero” type character. Inadvertantly, i think it reminds ppl of Buzz anyway because of the cliche’ness. If I ask u to draw a stereotyped figure it’s large jaw, broad shoulders/chest, muscles etc. I think Buzz is such an ICONIC/cliche figure and alot of ppl will instantly relate to that character. In the end I tried to make the character my own, with his emotions, and his personality with a bit of an inner child.

this is my first animation challenge, I never expected to hit it out of the park first time round. It’s a stepping stone for me definately, but I take away lessons learned from this project from failures and flaws in the development, and bring it to the next project.


Aww this is cute! I love the lighting, colors and the characters are well done, Congratulations!


An interesting comment Naked, and an eloquent reply Martin. It is certainly nice to have objective critiques. Having been involved in the competition for the first time also, it really was a case of picking a concept quickly and flying with it. With a short production time frame and a limit of 2 minutes for the piece, there is only so much you can achieve. I spent so much time on the concept, the technical quality of my piece suffered so there is a balance to be found … or sacrifices to be made :wink: Your comment about evaluating your piece with fresh eyes is so true Martin, it’s easier to critique once out of the woods. I think you should be very proud, there is no denying the amazing skill in your work, the execution, animation and rendering is absolutely top notch. I would be over the moon if mine had the same class. I’m sure you will be rewarded for it :slight_smile:


I’ve been following your work since the very first concept. The animation turned out very well. No! That’s an understatement, the animation is absolutely brilliant.
The only thing I don’t really like is the boy’s hair. Oh well, who am I to judge … I’m 16 years old and new to 3D. I really look up to you. I definitely want to do somthing with animation after my studies, got any tips for an animator-to-be? xD

Aaanyway, I hope you win. You’re my favorite (:


I’ve not seen this thread at all until the animation. The very first shot of the man in the ship… The slanted angle he is in… It’s friggin hilarious. This is a good quality short right here.


great job! Love the lighting and the character :D:thumbsup:


I think that there a lot of truth in Nakedhand’s opinion. Some of my friends said that animation it is too Pixar like. Technically it is all nice and smooth. Models are good, lights are good, rigg, animation etc. It is just the feel of it or the style that I think quite a lot of people is sick of. Almost all Disnay Pixar animations have this style of feel. I am not saying that is wrong or that it is a bad style. I think that we have seen so/too much of it in so/too many animations that some of us would like to see sth different.


Congratulations on a beautiful piece Versiden. This work is very well polished, a stellar render and your animation is smooth and very well timed. I looked at several of the entries and though i have not yet seen them all, haven’t seen one yet that meets the overall quality of what you produced. God is in the details - I love the texture on the carpet! I can tell you’ve been in a few arcades in your day! I have to address some of the critiques put forth. We definitely do need objective criticism or else the forums just become a pointless compliment festival but i disagree with with Nakedhand’s comment that “If decides to honor this entry with a top position in the competition, I think it speaks of an unwillingness or incapacity to understand and support true creativity, vision and progressive thinking in 3D production.” This was a CG Challenge with a relatively tight deadline. Overall, in my opinion you tackled the challenge and demonstrated some strange behavior through animation and you did so in a professional and well polished manner. Some of the entries i saw under the animation category weren’t even animation, but merely choppy camera pans and there was plenty of very amateur animation demonstrated, as well as poor textures and renders. Not to invalidate anyone’s participation- surely everyone who submitted work gave their all and should be recognized for their attempt - but clearly your skill level is greater than all the others that I’ve seen and i think that’s what the cg challenges are about. This was not a screen play, or story writing challenge and while originality and skill in that area should always be commended, it’s not the true focus of the challenge. I watched several of the animations that had wonderfully original ideas but that were poorly executed, lacked visual story telling and contained stiff animation so the overall production quality was lacking. I also think that it speaks of the quality of what you produced when Pierzak commented that your work was too “Pixar Like”- if that’s the style you worked in and the results are compared to Pixar then you did a damn good job. It seems to me that you focused more on the animation and production quality then character design and story and in a tight deadline situation when you are tackling a project by yourself I don’t think that should merit criticism or exclude your piece from being awarded in this challenge. Your overall production quality is excellent and it’s quite obvious you spent several hours/days on this project. If it was merely a challenge to see who could come up with the strangest or most original behavior it would be a different situation entirely, perhaps you didn’t achieve that, but you did achieve a masterful piece of animation for your portfolio. The product does need to be judged not only on its idea but also on the execution of that idea - if not then some one could simply scribble the most bizarre behavior ever seen on to a cocktail napkin and be the overall winner.


MARVELLOUS! i cant say how much i love this piece of ART! Hope to see more shots of this guy! U ROCK MAN! From lighthing to animation, from direction to the texturing… everything is done in a brilliant and professional manner… More than pro.stuff.



One of your best to date


very funny piece.
love the lighting.
well done.


This is defenetly a winner piece. I luv the idea, i love the animation. Well what more to say.




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I sounds like you are going to be famous Martin ! Good for you ! :applause: