Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


Thanks to you Martin !

You pushed the standard very high ! Your entry is amazing ! You reach a high level of animation, modeling and render !
I’m sure the winner is here !
Congratulation my friend you did it well !



congratuations for this movie…

pd: i love the background… arcades … are great!!


Good job and good luck:)


Number one!
Came out really well, good luck now!
Smells like a winner …



Congratulations Martin on an amazing finish!.. i really liked the animaion… got a lot of energy in it… and the concept is very funny… I wish ya all the best!:thumbsup:


This was a winner from the first sketch!
Amazing work, makes me smile every time, and Ive been watching it since you posted the last one.

Top notch bro.




no doubt here , we got a winner

this is sooooo damn nice… i’m jealous :D!! the only weak point as already mentioned, is the missing sound or voice…

but nevertheless, artistically & technically great, very high ladder you’ve build there…

i think my first rung is broken? :wink:


is so damn cool!..amazing job…you kick us all. hey can i get a copy of your animation to collect it?:scream:


Well colour me fanboy!..

You must be so proud of how far you’ve come over the years Martin, it’s been a pleasure to chase you while watching your work evolve… This is by far one of the best technical+ aesthetic pieces I’ve seen in a challenge to date. Congratulations mate:buttrock:If anyone was taking bets on the top 2 here my money would be on you and Z! for sure… Must’ve felt good to finally let go of this, you pushed it beyond beyond… Good luck with the judging.



When I see the first images of your thread. I don’t write nothing to you. I was intimidated. I thought and now I am sure that you have worked (or works) in a big studio. I cannot say nothing about your animation. It will be obvious. Is like to say the coal is black. All the people know that. I know a girl that has worked as model. She is very beatiful. And she doesn’t like that people say that she was pretty. She knows it and all the people know that. For that reason I can say nothing. The best thing in that cases is to to ignore that peculiarity and speak about other things. Good job.


I have send the post two times. This is not he first time that I have done this mistake.


Totally top notch mate, can’t fault it :slight_smile: Congrats, I wanna be like you :wink: Great to have it done huh? Don’t want to look at a computer screen for a few days… well one or two…


Software: After Effects,XSI


ok, here’s the final final ;p Small tweaks to the comp

thanks to all, it’s been fun animating this and I hope u enjoy. Goodluck!


Play Video >>


@pierzak - thanks, I agree on the sound, unfortunately I can’t do it all and sound I’m definately not great at. I think animation should tell a story, even a basic one. This isn’t a short film by any means, but I think it sets the premise of strange behavior. Thanks for stopping by.

@chocoski - thanks man, glad it’s done… now I can chill for about an hour, then back to do more work on other things ;p

@gpepper - thanks man, ur entry is great to! ur Renders are looking awesome!

@infoarq - arcades… good memories ;p

@aghill - thx

@coolkonrad - I smell blood and tears ;p

@overcontrast - hehe… thx man… looking fwd to ur final!!!

@Ranimate - I would have loved to do the original concept to finish, but couldn’t manage the amount of shots… Hopefully I can revisit it, thx for stopping by

@syrez-one - thx… I did have the voice sound for the part where he’s shouting… but it sounded terrible… well, it’s my voice, and my voice for shot3 too… so I guess that’s the problem… lol, so I took it out. better missing than bad ;p

@melkao - I need some webspace ;(((

@DaddyMack - awesome man, glad u enjoy.

@fruela - thanks alot for the kind comments. Hope I don’t come off as intimidating to others ;(

@Trickz - thanks… goodluck to u 2! I’m tired of looking at this project now, I’m sure alot of guys here feel the same about their stuff ;p


Congrats MArtin. You’ll be at the top.

Ps : I love the lighting of the 1st scene


It´s hard to catch the first feel from this coz we already know what´s the story but I can say your skills are great! I see you are at AM classes what is just a little step for you coz you already are animator! Judges are unpredictable to me but I say this has quality of the TOP. Good luck anyway :thumbsup:


Excellent! Animation is very cool! Nice shaders and mood. :bowdown: :applause: Another great piece from you Martin! Congratulations!


:applause: I love it ! It’s awesome !
The animation is great !


Great animation Martin, good timing…
I like the expressions, very funny… :thumbsup:


The animation is great ! The concept is very funny… Congratulations!
Good job and good luck