Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


Hey, sorry there’s some confusion. I wrote “sounds easy” but i didn’t mean: sound is easy. Definitely not! Sorry, it was something like “easy to say” meaning of the sentence. Nothing is easy in this challenge. I have my own fight right now too. Apologize about my bad english, again :sad:


Amazing again ! You do it very well ! I just hope you can finish in time ! Are the renders in the good way to be finished ?


looking awesome man… all the best with the last few hours!:thumbsup::buttrock:


Hey Martin, this one goes absolutely great! Modeling, texturing and animating all are great.
Good luck to you to finish it all!. I’m glad to know you, from now on I’ll look for your new projects! Cheers!


Don’t you hate render problems. I’ve had crash after crash. But don’t think you even need to finish it mate, it’s fantastic. Do you already work at Pixar or what? :wink:



here’s what shot4 will eventually look like. I’ve included my lighting wip also…

still a few more frames to render out, mainly the shadow pass. I’ll upload all the animation once done, I’ll upload still comps for now

cool, hope to finish today ;p

tick tick…


@Tremoside - yeah, we’re all struggling to finish… goodluck for the final few hours, I’m sure u’ll make it!

@gpepper - I don’t think so, some shots I need to re-render coz of problems, I’ll have to do that after the challenge… for now it’s “ok”… I’ll just have to submit what I have

@overcontrast - yeah man… u too! final stretch!

@ashiataka - thx dude… love ur characters also, they’re awesome! goodluck.

@Trickz - no I wish… that’s a goal… currently studying at Animation Mentor, but it’s only been my first month, so I have a long way to go ;p


hey the renders looking good mate… keep going!!


looks f’in awesome! keep it up! :beer:


Great minds think a like…


Oh hows it going at Animation Mentor? Good course? Only your first month? Lots of natural talent :wink: You’ll be at one of the big studios before long mate. The small expressions are priceless.


17 left ! You can finish this great !


u have one hell of an awesome entry here!!!
can’t w8 to see the final comp! congrats in advance!!!


Kick back, relax, and ride this baby home mate… I genuinely look forward to final Martin

Also, thanks for the pointers:buttrock:


Renders look very good. Astronaut animation also is very good. The only thing that I would tweak at this point is the way the little boy shifts weight but apart from that it is all perfect. How long does it take to render single frame??


hey guys

thanks for the support, it’s been really busy for me the last 2 weeks, so hopefully I can get this thing done this weekend. So far I’ve just been fixing some renders, nothing major.

I wish I could have modelled some more characters in the additional time, but I’ve just been stretched thin lately… hehe

cool, back on track soon ;p


… ‘Dad, has that buzz lightyear guy on the little spaceship put his animation up yet?’… My kids are waiting V!, they reckon you’ve got this in the bag too… 1 day left Martin, hope you’re happy with the extra polish you’ve put on your piece… Good luck mate:bounce:


Software: After Effects,XSI

This is my final for this competition, lots of blood and tears… I can’t stare at it any more hehe.

Thanks to everyone for their support! Goodluck to all, u guys have been great and the standard has been very high!

Play Video >>


Nice. You did a good job. Renders look very good. I like facial animation. The only thing that might be missing is the sound effects. Animation seems a bit quiet. Apart from that I think it is very interesting entry. I like the general idea behind it. Although it does not tell a story it is a good example of strange behaviour. The thing is that animation does not have to tell a story because it is animation, not a short film. :slight_smile:
Well done and Good luck.


what can i say…awesome in every aspect!
u have a very strong chance of bringing the gold in the bag:thumbsup:!
congrats in advance!!!