Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


hangs sign

Quiet, genius at work

Good luck Martin… we’re all looking fwd to seeing the rabbit you pull outta your hat here


I WANT THE MOVIE!!! i mean a TRUE MOVIE!!! he hehe this character is great! There are great potential in it!!! aahhh…you genius! I love this guy!!! is perfect for a TV serie!!!



thx for the feedback, much appreciated. It’s heading towards the final stretch. I’ve completed all the animation that needs to be done, now setting up the remaining shots for lighting and rendering. I’ll post up the lost shots that I’ve done.

Trying to render out with motion blur, but it’s taking 4+hours per frame, opposed to 4minutes a frame without it. Will have to find another way to do it in xsi…

@r1-381 - hehe thx, I hope it gets a few smiles

@overcontrast - the bit with the big final slap? or the one with the little ones? ye, there’s no inbetweens, I’ve tweaked it a bit to adjust the timing on the last few ones so it doesn’t look too even, but otherwise… time is my enemy ;(

@Trickz - heya, thx for the comments. I’ve had just over a year in character animation working on kids short films here in SA. Not alot of experience, so I’m still new and still alot to learn.

@ragdoll - thx man ;p

@gpepper - well, I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch… haha… bad joke, but that one’s just for u. Atm I’m looking at it for portfolio and job opportunities

@aghill - there’s plently space in this universe for more ;p

@Arrrgh4life - bluesteel! haha

@infoarq - thx for the comments, its very motivating

@ashiataka - it’s getting thr, wish renders didn’t take so long

@melkao - there will probably be a downloadable version, I just have to find space. The guidelines in this challenge is 640x480, so I’ll letterbox it… but I’ll make a high res version that’s 16:9

@DaddyMack - cool… I’ll update shortly

@OZ … hmm, that’s an idea… he needs a sidekick… hhehe… if I had time I wanted to actually have him sitting with a stuffed bunny, but looking at the animation… I’d say that’s difficult to have fitted in 2 characters in that small ship.



here’s shot 4 & 5… all animation done now… yay!

I originally had the kid with the helmet and pointing his gun, then at the end he woulda shot the astronaut with the suction bullet sticking to his head… but it didn’t make sense at the end. I wanted to emphasize the Strange Behaviour… so the kid looking at the astronaut in disapproval works out better…

hmm, now without the helmet… I didn’t intend to show his bald head… lol, have to work out some sort of hairstyle ;p

cool… let me know what u guys think


Play Video >>


No Comment…
We Have A Winer!!


Beautifully underplayed Martin, these shots really contrast your 2 and 3 with movement style and mood… I’m not sure why but I didn’t find the boys anim as convincing as the rest.

I’ll try some 4:30am analysis though… The shot could be just a little longer to give the boy long enough to get his message across clearly. He breaks the action so I think it is important… There doesn’t appear to be any reason for him to move his foot (unless he was going to take a step backward like ‘ooookkaaayyyyy’…)… possibly it would be stronger to keep him still and have him hold a look of disapproval or confusion longer before shaking his head at him… The last shot of our hero squirming and then looking at us is beautiful…

When I grow up I wanna be just like you;)

Good luck V!



should have uploaded this a while ago… I’ve just been flipping thru the WIP’s that I’ve saved over the duration of this challenge… had this one hiding … haha

basically I did the lighting/feel I wanted to achieve in PS, pre viz’d it out… then tried to match it XSI

everything is grey lambert shader, and I light from thr


As I remember I told you few times in past challenges how fine work you’re doin. Martin, have to repeat myself again. It’s awesome! You push high quality from all aspects. Good to keep an eye here :slight_smile: Keep it up! Concentrate for these last days! The huge creative part is already done, just put the pieces together. You know better than me how it’s working. Am just impressed by every cool update from you. Thanks for the insiration! :bounce:


I like character animation a lot. Idea is great. I think it is very good entry. I can’t wait to see the fimal animation I will put it on my PSP alon with other animations I admire.
Well Done


Hey martin…i love the glow ligths in the back. they looks very nice…but i thjinks the best part is the animation and de integration between the character and the ship…for me, thats a very hard thing to do…but you did it my friend, nice job:thumbsup:


OH! UH! AH! koooooool! i mean… looks perfect! Can’t wait to see this work at…work? hems…ok ok …u understand me? right! Seriously,this work rocks really! is fantastic in any side! if the audio track will be of the same level than the imagery,well, i have choosen my winner. Great…great…great work…is a matter of style…a style i personally love.
a MUST HAVE in a futurible cgi short collection!:buttrock:


Keep it up my friend, just as in previous challenges! Your work is one of the bests! No doubt. You just have to focus on tasks. Sounds easy I know, but a huge part of the community thinks the same if I can say…! I love this scene!

Wishya all the strength :thumbnail:


render & comp of shot1





ok, that’s the renders so far… shot04 mostly done… just trying to get the shadow pass renders complete.

shot05 is still rendering… having a few problems ;(
hoping I can get it done…

right now… not so optimistic about the sound…


@melkao - thx alot man ;p

@pierzak - ye, it would look cool on a psp I think

@Tremoside - heh, sound not so easy… hmm, not a sound designer ;( we’ll see how it goes… I’ve gotten some1 to help me with sound, still WIP

@OZ - argh, the dreaded audio… hehe… hmm… it may make or break it


OMG can’t believe I missed this thread…you’re kicking some major butt here man!
Everything looks awesome. The Characters the renders and the Animation is great!
How do you do that!!? This looks like some shots of a 3D feature film and you are doing
it all on your own…!? ^^;
Big respect! I hope you gonna win cause this is incredible!
3days left…hope you’ll finish in time! Good luck even if you won’t need any ^^!


gorgeous! Congrats mate:bowdown:


Hi Martin…

you can see one pic, and jump to next pic, and jump… but in rare cases you jump to the first pic… and see all again… and see all again… and see all again… and see all again…

result = you have a loop slideshow un your thread… i can´t stop…

CONGRATULATIONS are increibles… belive me.


@Goro - thx alot man… ye all on my own, getting some help on the sound tho, but so far I’m it’s WIP. This project is hectic… turned out way more complex than I originally planned. eeek.

@DaddyMack - w00t ;p

@infoarq - lol, slideshows… oh yeah… where’s the coin slot… just kidding.