Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


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Latest Update: Final Render: Spaced Out - final



entering a bit late, hope I can finish

goodluck to all !!!


huhu. You’re entry promise to be great i think. Can’t wait to see concept and first poly.
Have fun on this crazy challenge Versiden.


my concept for a short. I dim witted Hippo plans to cross a canyon by flying across… using a chicken as a means of flight. Not too clever.

I’ll be working on storyboards and get a 2d animatic going soon for timing… but there’s no option to upload animatics? er…


more sketches


sketch for the hippo character

more to come…
comments/crits welcome ;p


awesome character, no crits here! :beer:


nice character design man, good luck to you


Nice concept…and cool ide for characters…


Fantastic! Your characters have soo much… character! Cant wait to see the models!



first bit of modeling, a bit messy but it’s early wip ;p


Hiya Martin:wavey: great to have you in this one mate, I always enjoy watching your work unfold… Great personality in this one already… good luck


Hi Martin…

I like the idea and mesh look good.
Good luck!!


thx for the positive crits so far… I’m hoping to get this model done today so I can start on the rig tomorrow. Time to stop being lazy ;p


Nice clean modeling on the hippo, man. Looks promising!
I’m unsure too how to upload animatics or video with a filesize limit of 150KB!?!


Nice to see you here Martin !

Sketches are so cool and modeling is amazing ! Keep the good work !


Hey hows it goin buddy… good to see u return… really enjoyed your past challange and i’m sure this one is gonna rock too… Very funny concept ur working on and the modleing looks very solid too. All the best mate!


finished the hippo…it’s taken a while longer ;(
I’ll start on the rig and faceshapes…wohoo! ;p


nice idea, nice characters…and I hope it will be nice animation after all, congratulations…good luck, have fun…I’ll keep an eye on your thread in the future.


I dig the characters. Nice Comic style. Can’t wait to check the finnished thing