Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Mark E. Seljan


the flame looks great…how you did it?:scream:


I can tell you’re having great fun over here tremo, I look forward to the revenge


Still have to render some things. Machines are suffering, but sweet smell of render :slight_smile:

Till that finished, I started blocking out the post effects and mainly the audio. These free sound fx are bit noisy sometimes, (so have to cleanup them) also limited for common things, so have to record few stuffs by myself and filter them too. Am working in stereo, but my left ear is almost deaf (have no eardrum) so it’s really a fun with stereo settings LOL.

Best wishez to everyone in the rush!

Have a nice day/night :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I have to learn a camera tracking software man! Do you have some advices with that? Your solution over there impresses me so much! :bowdown:

:slight_smile: thx! Flame is atmospheric apparatus gizmo, hemisphere, two pieces with different seeds and sizes. Flame core is a noise animated cone. the valve of the pistol is self illuminated, and a light attached with pistol. Mental ray beam shader is animated via floating noise and flame effects phase animated via common keys.

Yup, my friend! That’s what am waiting for too. Hope the “pre” post work help when all the renders will be done. 'am waiting for your final too :beer: :buttrock: That will be a fun of the week for sure :bounce:


I use to know many tracking software but I use Icarus for the contest. It is free and it works nice.
You can find some tutorials and the exe of Icarus HERE
Thanks for your words on my thread ! :wink:


wow looking great :slight_smile: Love the look, you work fast. What software you using there for the post?


Very promising. I’m impatient to see it finished.


Oh yes - that’s looking mighty fine :slight_smile:

The flame looks great - funny! I’m twiddling with MR beam shader right now.

What’s up with you girl? I miss your updates? Busy with commercial stuffs? Have you tested CAT?

Well, there will be no more updates on this from me - the little time I have I prefer spending hanging around cheering instead. I look forward to upcoming times with lots of time to test CAT and finish this of, but right now I’m busy with my commercial stuff and having great fun with it too. Hope to post it here later when finished.

Now, best of luck for that final renderings - that audio stack looks quite impressive!


this is the most tense, exciting, antious and scarry time of the challange… you look real busy man… i love this concept and how its turning out… all the best…!! I’ll be wating for your final animation!:thumbsup::bounce:


great job
i hope you will finish your work soon
i’m waiting for the final render


Now take the last steps, man!!! :buttrock:


Made some mistakes with the FLV, please use the other post’s link. Sorry.


Software: 3ds max,mental ray,Photoshop

Software: 3ds max,mental ray,Photoshop

Title: Tomo&Blade

Theme: Revenge of a scared Tomato.


Why a Tomato character?
Tomato is well known food by most of the world. I wanted to create something what’s easy to identify at the first sight. Huge eyes and mouth. All for the expression. I wanted to create something (someone) cute who can surprise us with a strange reaction. I targeted the combination of a cute and harmness figure and a real fighter if circumstances require that.

Why a gas apparatus?
I was a gas welder for two years. I always liked to work with fire. Also worked a year as a fire extinguisher mechanic. Life before 3D :slight_smile: I thought it’s strange enough for a Tomato.

I tried Softimage’s CAT plugin for max. Great demo! I know just a few plugins for character animation for max, but it will be my favorit, for sure.

Render details:
It was a one machine render. Motion blur on both animations. GI on the first session. Average render time was around 11min / frame (8 to 18 mins). Finally around a thousand frames were rendered and some repairs. The overall was about a week night and day at 480x320 resolution.

Internet’s free resources helped me out. I made lots of sfx by myself. Editions and mixes are my work. It was around four days overall to do.

Ok, right now am dead tired, have to say a big THANKS for the comments, some of you are listed in credits page, guys your support helped me through the 4 months.

Thanks for the Challenge for CGSOCIETY and the possibility to learn again from the great artists of this community!

Have a nice day / night,

Mark E. Seljan (Tremoside)

Play Video >>


First submission failed, please use the link on the second submission of the final set!


You rock, Dude! :applause: This is awesome!:bowdown:


Hi Bro!

It is done! Congratulation for the final! :bounce: I think you learned much in this challenge again. You are getting better and better everytime. :thumbsup:


Cool animation…and i saw my nick on the credits…thanks to keep me in mind…your final work is just amazing…i wish you the best and good luck my friend…see you in second place(frist place is mine:beer:)…and i add your animation to my collection.:wavey:


congratulations on a great finish bro! i really liked ur animation , it was quite funny. Love how Tomo fights back!!.. great job done… All the best mate:thumbsup:


pretty darn cool. that shader/material work on that knife is excellent!


Cool ! finished for U my friend ! Now I have to run to finish in time !