Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Mark E. Seljan


looking cool. I think it’s a good start.

few suggestions on the first few frames…
on the initial jump when the tomatoe sees the knife for the first time, have him make a bigger anticipation before the jump, he should really squash down, then spring up. Have it stretch, and squash back down.

The frames after where it looks up at the knife, make the eyes more snappy. Try having him blink, hold it for 2 frames, then make the eyebrows come up, but still keep the eyes closed, then next frame, eyes open… try it out… it might help it.


looks promising. good luck with your new idea.


that character looks very nice…and good animation…it will be some backgorund detalis?


Hey Bro! :slight_smile: You were right about the new concept, this is a better choice than the first one. :thumbsup: You realized it just in time. Tomo is a very funny character, and so much better in animation! :smiley: Keep it rock, dude! :buttrock:


Hey Mark!

Amazing work you have here!! The first models are great, and the new concept is really funny.
Nice see you again mate!! keep it up!


Hehe, I wonder if the tomato will finish cutted in half! Cool animation!

Take care about the moment when knife is striking near tomato… I think that he reacts little to slow…


Ahahah ! Very funny !
Some animations look a bit too slow in my opinion but I think you will fix them soon.


It’s a higher res than actual frame’s, but it’s directly cutted from the animation. Each of my three monitors show different colors :slight_smile: hard to see… how is it with the red SSS, but it’s an average, hope fine.


After Tomo jumps out, he’s comin back with some “weaponry” against the blade. It’s a flame cutter. As usual from tomatoes. I think…:slight_smile: It’s a quick shot from the anim.


:applause: the cutting board mess looks great! and the overall presentation is classic… more more


ROTFL at the second shot too! Revenge of the killer tomatoes


Looking really good!
Love that blow torch and the mess on the table…


nice shading!..i like a lot that chrome texture and that on the floor(dead tomo)…and the illumination is just perfect…you are rendering with wich renderer?:scream:


Haha! This looks great! Nice textures and the scenes are really funny. The Tomato parts in the grinder makes me “ouch!”
Glad to see your progress with this - now run for the final steps :thumbsup:


That render are exellent. maybe a little too much grain on the characters but I suppose you can’t increase render time too much.


good work man…keep it coming, just sad I can’t say that for myself



Yeah Rob! This challenge is for fun. You inspired me too to change the original theme in time. “Funny works are easier to do”. Good to see your progress and am stunned to see your final stuff, Keep it up my friend! :buttrock:

Thanks mate! Glad you like it!

Thanks my friend! It’s mental ray. No GI, just a tuned fast final gather on the scene A. Fake caustics generated by few spots attached to the knife. It will be visible on the animation. Torch of the Acetylene /Oxygene flame cutter made with atmospheric apparatus stuff. Torch core is animated via noise modifier. Mental ray volume shader (lume) i son the pointed omni. That generates the shadows. Also fill/key lights kept for the dark scene too. For faking some GI effect there’s a below light with Inverse set.

Oh Gunnie you’re sweet top keep an eye here always! Thank you so much Without You and all the other Friends this challenge could be much harder. Thanks for the support!!
What’s up with you girl? I miss your updates? Busy with commercial stuffs? Have you tested CAT?

Thanks for the words. Render time is critical. It’s hard to opriimize. My machine (the render machine) is a 4 years old one. One frame is about 8 to 18 mins. Sad but true. I have to count with that. Grainy? maybe it comes from the motion blur. That’s quite low in quality, but it works well with the actual render size. The presented resolution above is higher, but settings are all the same. This is why it looks more grainy. BTW I like more blurred and noisy images in videos. Thanks for the comment!

Wayne jermaine
Am sorry you busy with those freelance works. It happen yometimes. Am also pressured very hard by my clients, and had to reject few works. Hope you can finde some time in last week to pick up the line and create at least a nice final image. Go for IT!!! Keeep it up mate!
:buttrock: For the rocker side of 3D community :slight_smile:

So, back to push it forward!!!
See you soon :slight_smile:



Software: 3ds max,mental ray

Floating noises and some atmospheric stuff, just to get the mood.

Play Video >>


Software: 3ds max

Tomo with Acetylene pack. Time of revenge…

Play Video >>


Excellent stuff again Mark !
Great job in render, the flame stuff is amazing and great job with animation !