Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Mark E. Seljan


Sounds like a wise descision and I’m looking forward to see your new concept. You should keep this one in mind for later though, it’s such a great start.

Thanks for filling me in on how you do the cloth sim. Sounds like a lot of trial and error have been put into finding the method. I’ll keep your description for further tests, sounds like a handy way of making it look good.

good luck for the next steps!


this is my type of humor, for sure! i think your pre-vis art is worthy of an entry in its own right. can’t wait to see the animation. should be quite a task to animate all that.


sorry to hear about deadlines, real life takes it’s course, I know how it is! looking fwd to the new concept soon :buttrock:


Hi :slight_smile:

Am sorry too, but it was a must made decision :slight_smile: This Challenge is for fun and learning from each others. That’s the most important for me as always was. :thumbsup:

Thanks for! Maybe next year I will pick up this project again, dunno. If it will be followed, CGT will be the forum of it, that’s sure.

Oh Gunnie you’re so understanding. Thanx. Hope that text will be useful one day :slight_smile: Next stuff is on the way :thumbsup:

Thanks, am glad you liked. BTW project was cancelled. Maybe next year.

Yup Martin! It can happen :slight_smile: No problemo. New stuff is on the way.


New concept, because my jobs crossed my previous Challenge Project. Idea: Tomato fights with a knife. It’s simple and more fun oriented. Hope I can render and animate this one.


Mesh of Tomo


Few Morph targets. Plus the rig.



Go Tremo:thumbsup: Looks like mad fun:D


Software: 3ds max

It’s the start anim of the tomato and blade concept. You’ll find some time gasps before nor after the blade stabs. These’re kept for eye rolls and facial changes. These reactions will be around 3-5 frames. Just quickly.

Have a nice day / night,


Play Video >>


hehhe, cool… that looks fun to animate. Rendering should be ok…touch wood ;p


Great new concept, the character is already full of life, looking forward to the anim stage.


Well, this is really a great start!


that one is cool…that expresions are really nice…and the animation too…i think that is a cool idea…you are working with max or maya?:twisted:


Haha, poor Tomo! This concept is great, you will be able to do something real cool with it in this short time. Yeah, this will be fun :slight_smile:


nice idea and the animation is great. Love the frightened pose.


Software: 3ds max

One step forward in animation. Tomo escapes from a hard situation and Blade “lookin’ around”. After a few seconds Blade recognize something isn’t cool, Tomo just jumped away. This is the first anim block.

Play Video >>


Thank you all for your interest!

Oh yeah, it’s the simple. Motion blur will kill rendertime but that’s a must have. Definitely a better flow to animate this kind of stuff. My machine is a bit old, so realtime is sometimes problematic, but I spend some time to talk to my CPU to keep him doin a good job. Electronic devices are sensitive you know. Have to take care 'bout their soul :slight_smile:

Good to hear you like him! Check for animation link above. :wavey:

Thanx a lot!

Hhhaah, the BIG QUESTION :slight_smile: It’s max. I tried lot different apps, but i like the look of max and it was somehow logical for me probably coz am from “engeneering area” as originally a mechanic. Your post was kind, helps to push forwrd thanks!

Am a bit sad about the previous project, but decision was needful. I have some alternatives of this new project but it’s more about the fun right know. You’re absolutely right. I was thinkin about quit the challenge, but it’s always a thorn in me if i can’t finish something somehow, so it’s a why not idea :slight_smile: Good to know you’re here and watch the progress :slight_smile:

Thanks for your words! I try to communicate via poses first. Now mesh is just disturbs and confuses my eyes during the blocking out session.

Quick report
I made some tests for motion blur and that’s definitely a good thing for this stuff. Some flex wil be added to Tomo and started to operate on Blade’s blends. I still have to fight with some things, but now i have to turn my sight to the meshez. Maybe few dosen of morphs are missing, but coz of time i will do missing things during animation of the face. Have to start with eyes area and brows. Dunno which oen will be the dominant side of the face. Maybe i have to switch sometimes between sides. Maybe mouth will be the starter of facial motions. Time to make some experiments :slight_smile:

Have a nice day / night,



Software: 3ds max

Uploader cutted few frames off. This is a repair.

Play Video >>


Software: 3ds max

It’s just a start on Tomo’s facial animation. Still millions of things to tweak. No curve animations yet. Face is simply keyframed. Flex not applied, but will come after I’m done with the first round of tweaks.

Play Video >>


Nice work Tremoside. The first set of models are really well done, too bad you ran out of time for that project, I know how it is. This new project looks like lots of fun though. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes and am curious to see what becomes of poor Mister Tomatoe. Cheers.