Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Mark E. Seljan


OH…that unwarp is amazing…wath a headache!..nice job:eek:


I like the little sparkle in the eyes.
To me, the hairline in the front starts too low on the forehead.
In some of the test expressions, I think the top lip is too full to look realistic.
I like how the strand of hair in front casts a shadow on the face, giving a sense of depth.


hey man, hehehe…just saw your concept is really amazing…and seems youre doing a nice job with the 3d as well, i have some feedback but its kind of late…lol, i think you can make some more mirroring on the uvs, like in the arms and legs, u can get much more space for the head that way, and use an smaller res texture instead ,that will optimize the scene at the end.

good luck my friend, ill be visiting:thumbsup:


Wow great work on facial expressions :thumbsup: and cool idea with this odd tree hahah

Good luck in the next steps :bounce:


Some tweaks on her. Based on comments in thread. Hope she’s better. Thanks for the useful suggestions!!


Very interesting character and very cool style!
I like the shader you used for the clothes especially!
Keep up!


the clothes are great!..the body very nice…keep going!:thumbsup:



speter2 sgabe
Thanks twins! These are not used expressions. just for testing the model. facial expressions will be edited as independent left-right movements of the face. Just check your own gestures and mimicry. There’s always a driver movement. For example a smile is not symmetric. Always starts with one dominant side. So these are useless, just tests to find out what the mesh can do :slight_smile:

Just :bowdown: your work rocks mate!! Am glad you decided to use the rain idea and the solution with the single drop is the best choice for sure. Thanks fro the crits about her!

Yup, thanks mate. Am sure it could be done better, but i like to paint in 2D. This is why i keep UV parts oriented for my taste. Now it’s better for me, since lotsa things tested and model-remodel few parts are a daily practice right now :slight_smile: Good to see your process my friend! Keep it up!

Thank you! Your point about hairline was a keylight! I dunno how could i miss that, but somehow happened. Your warning was great! Spending too much time on a work confuses the sight for sure. Shame on me :scream:

Hi Jorge! Thanks for the kind words! About UVs: yup it’s airy right know. For sure. It’s just my taste for painting. Not exactly a production but a tweak friendly UV. Right now a full PAL render of Sally is around 51 seconds with lights and SSS shadered body. I will keep the whole thing under 2 mins with the other characters included. Normalmaps and displace (not displacement!) helps to handle it. Also reduced map sizes will be used. So just hope a week will be enough for render it out.

Thank you mate! Inspiring words you dropped. Helps me to be focused :thumbsup:

Quick Report:

Right now am working on cloth simulation tests and organizing layers for morphs, render and animation. Some fight with skinning you know shoulders… why a human need shoulders and fingers and legs and all :banghead: hehhe. Ok just a joke. The most interesting part of skinning are these. Had to rethink cloths. Some proxies used to make animation process realtime. SkinWrap fights too. That’s what am doin right now.

Have a nice day / night,



wow she is looking really fine now!! I really like her lips now… her hair, cloth, look, all r looking very good… your doing a fine job here… although a little scacular on the hair would be nice… but congrats on a gr8 update!


Eddig nagyon jo! Szepen tovabb! :slight_smile:


looking cool man! I like how the clothing underneath the shirt shows thru a little bit.

I think the eyebrows are too fuzzy looking, and not smooth and even…


She is nice !


Hey bro! :wavey:
Okey we got it. Her clothes is very cool. In connect with facial expressions I am sure you are right. You are the man! :bowdown: It is shaping well, just keep up the good work.:thumbsup:


More and more personality for each update - splendid work here, the clothes looks great. I think you’ve found a good level of realism for this one. I’m so looking forward to the next step with the animation of the clothes.
I always learn a lot of new stuff from your threads, thanks for that :slight_smile:


omg she is looking hot!


Cool! Finally a tree revenge! Good job!


Ouch… Wrap deformer and me have never been friends… Good luck with all the problem solving T! I know you’re up to it… btw the babe looks awesome:bowdown:



Thanks for the comment mate! Yup hair is not enough shiny right now. Maybe some mixup with the displace dunno. Have to tweak her later :slight_smile:

Köszi! Jó egy kis hazai mondatot olvasni itt :slight_smile:

Brows were a fight with SKin Wrap coz they’re attached to a lower res mesh, but after it’s solved hair works better on those planes. Nice progress from you mate!

Thaaanks :bowdown:

Thank you brother! Although am not satisfied I think she’s a boring beauty :slight_smile:

Thanks Gunnie :slight_smile: I made few tests, but for some reasons (explained later) i won’t share those. But to share my experiences with these cloth stuff, So here we go (in 3dsmax…):
A lowres mesh was needed to to simulate all the clothes. I started with GarmentMaker but the resolution was high and it’s not the mesh what you can subdivide easily. So after some pain (test in ZB for normals etc ) I switched back to quads. Less pain but deformations are not as nice as GM can do. Coz of this instead of default cotton or other i chose rubber and made it a bit stiffer. The Bend values 5 to 5 increased to 10 each. It’s nicer. Of course after set up collision and cloth objects in properties i had to fix some vertices to the mesh. Some of vertices from cloth (like upper part, shoulders etc…) were selected, made group (subobj) than constrained with surface option. Be sure you added the surface in Object Properties panel previously easy to forgot if you hurry :). After all only have to simulate one part of the cloth. I started with skirt coz it’s the underlyin stuff and affects movements of the shirt. Advanced pinching option is cool and neccessary if your character touch his/her body with fingers for example. But not sure all the time. Be careful during the animation to surely avoid too lot of close moves and forget intersections… After skirt was simulated I switched to shirt. It has a proxy mesh. No buttons, no slices. Quite closed and shaped well on the body. For this proxy Object porperties contains the skirt also! Cos of this it get a cloth modifier above the previously set stuff. So don’t froget to rename cloth modifiers properly. Without this you might be confused with settings. Ok. On the proxy shirt you can Skin Wrap a render resolution mesh with buttons etc. The best choice if you do this before any simulations of the proxy. For faster work you can set render resolution stuffs for a different layer. It will be slow in playback, so it’s a needful task to separate things and organize them on layers. Some vertices of the proxy should be also fixed. Armpit, shoulder, chest areas mainly. With this you can avoid slipping of the mesh off the body. After all the simulations ready: There might be some intersections and bugs in the meshez. Don’t panic! There’s an easy solution for small animation tweaks. Drop on an Edit Poly modifier and set it to Animate, just below the Edit Poly Mode rollout’s header. Now in Animation mode (auto key) move the wertices on the desired keyframes. It’s much faster to done manually, intead of watching simulate popup for hours to tweeak every movements via the cloth modifiers properties.
Hope it was helpful to you or others. It’s just a way, but was a “simple” workflow. Am not a master of it, but spent some time to make it as simple as possible to myself.

Wayne jermaine
Hhhehh, thanks you mate!

Yup, tree strikes back! Judgement day…

Thanks my friend! Am over it but some things changed my shedule, you can read it below. Thanks for the support! You :buttrock:

Quick report:

Have to cancel this project but i will switch to an other one. I received some jobs for this and next month. My rendering capacity will be restricted. Am also not satisfied with the realism am doin here. Maybe it comes from my other works but am. So still have time a much fun oriented animation based short instead of solving technical problems and wasting time on impossible long render days. New idea is in birth right now. Have some deadlines this week, hope things come in line. Who liked her and the story: am sorry. Who curious about a toon adventure be prepared. Hope will rock!

Thank you all and thanks for shared opinions. If you have any suggestions share it please!




oooo no!..thats a shame!..anyway…i’ll wait to see the new project!:sad:


Yes a shame - hope you finish the piece at some stage, as everyone has been saying - she was looking great :wink: Look forward to more in the future, well done.