Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Mark E. Seljan


Next level of Sally.


Sorry for clothes :slight_smile: Wire front. Start to work on cloths too.


Without wires. This mesh is on the animation resolution. Cloth will be wrapped over the body. Some flex for round areas :). A blouse will cover her. Shoes or boots missin’.


A viewport closeup. More cloth will come in next round. Still lotsa things to refine. Hands are just started, no UV-s right now.



Robert, am glad you like it! It’s going on a right way. I made the branch indicators for myself, so now that’s cleaner. But it’s not an exciting update, just helps my work during animation. This is why I presented the girl here :slight_smile:

Heya, thanks mate! I like your characters! :thumbsup: Let’s rock this place :buttrock: Waiting for more updates from you :slight_smile:

Hhha, good to see you here! Am I mad? :scream: It’s a honor from you… :cool:

Have a nice day/night,



wow those are very big… ahm… updates… yes updates… lol… gr8 job on the modeling man… Love her proportions and she is one hottie i tell ya, very sexy figure… wonderful job on her… keep going buddy wanna see more!!:bounce:

P.S. Do work on her face a bit more… make her face as good as her body. Imo the bones on her face is too visible.


She is just great ! Nice to see some light around here ! I was wondering if you were still here ! :wink:


Nice model there,she looks pretty nice…and good job woth clothes…but be carefuf with the seams…:eek:


Woa, she is very nice! :smiley:


cool updates man, she’s packing some serious… er… well u know ;p


Wonderful work on the girl, Mark! And wow for the tree rig - can’t wait to see it in action.
I like her hair. How are you planning to animate it? Flex?


Hey Bro! :wavey:

Here I am too! :cool: Unfortunately I forgot my password for username “speter” :banghead: so I had to make a newone, but I think it’s ok. So… I like your idea. It’s funny, and a really strange behaviour. The girl… hm…, she is totally hot. :drool: So as I can see it is just one of those things. :bowdown: Everything will be alright. Just keep up the good work. Gabe and me will watching you! :thumbsup:
Good luck brother!


Uv layout of Tony the french bulldog. Some stuffs are missing.


Uv layout of Sally the female character. Some stuffs are missing.


Ok, here is the UV of MrWoods the tree. Layout organized for trunk/roots and for the main branches. It’s easier to paint for me. Some tweaks needed for the previous ones and on this one too, but almost ready. Time is running…



Thanks mate for the useful crit. I like these boney faces like hers, dunno why, but i already started to tweak her a bit. What’s fine for me that doesn’t mean it’s fine for everyone. So i take your advice :thumbsup: Thanks again!

Hehhe, am workin on other projects and simultaneously paint my own flat, so have no too much time. But no sleep function solves the problem as usual during challenges. :slight_smile:

Thanks for! Seams? Yup, but it’s far from finish. I’ll check what can I do.

sgabe N speter2
Good to see you both here. Am glad you like the idea, that’s the most important. Girl is just a fun modelin’ after usual common day’s works. Seeya :wavey:

Hiiia, I’ve seen you switched the concept and that’s great. Keep it up my friend! That’s gonna be awesome :thumbsup: Veryvery funny!

The tree rig is also been developed after the girl update. now it have all the indicators for each branches and also gave some handles to easy grab in viewport. Tested it a bit, but have no time to waste, must push forward all the other things too. Hair wil be animated with flex and morphs if needed. Maybe some bones, but it will be deatiled on set only. I will create a deflector dummi for her, it will be needed for cloths too not just hair. Maybe particles will contact with her too. You know, some autumn leaves on the ground. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support,

Have a nice day/night,



But no sleep function solves the problem as usual during challenges.” Yep, it’s true. :wink: Tremo never sleeps during cg challenges, actually he works 36 hours a day anyway… :rolleyes: flat painting, gig, cg… ohyeah. just keep it up bro. :thumbsup:


Just a bit of playin around. Expressions, lights, try to catch personality of Sally. Not too much time, have to work on commercial stuffs.


hey buddy!.. nice update!.. seems like u been working!.. now, I would like to add a few crtics, first of all the nose looks way to round in compare to fer sharp face, there seems to be problem ares in the corners of the lips. Thats it for now…

Keep up the good works buddy… will b waiting to c more!


Good to see that how is it going. :smiley: I think there is much work to do until the final expression, but it looks very good in the first place, so just keep it going man! :buttrock: This will be awesome! :thumbsup: