Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Mark E. Seljan


A stunning start Tremo!.. Great to see you pushing the realism here again mate:D


Pretty funny idea man! The dog model is looking really great. I’ll keep my eye on this one! :wink:


That is some ugly-cute doggie :slight_smile: Very nice start for your modeling, I like her face as well.
The CAT system sounds really interesting, I remember looking at it in the past but quite not understanding how it would be useful. I’ll check it out again.
Will you give the dog fur or keep him well cut?
Hanging around waiting for youe next update - it should be soon counting the speed you got started in.


I like the model of the dog and the woman is turning out good.


hey nice to c u again here mate… gr8 concept u got there and nice modeling… cant wait to see more of it… c ya around :thumbsup:



Yeah, it’s funny. I like toons so much, but you see what happened. I think the idea works better with realistic elements. It’s more surprizing, when the real yaction comes.

Thank you mate! Good to know you around! :wavey:

Thank you Gunnie. This type of dogs are funny i think. And they movements also. Am watching videos. Have to say these are lil “idiots”. Sweets.
About fur. I wont use hair or fur in my scene. Currently working on optimalizations. One frame must be under 2 minutes if it’s possible. Still don’t know mentalray or simple scanline. mr 5 times slower or more. I want to keep render session under a week on both machines here. So try to avoid this memory eater effect. About CAT. I tried motionbulider before, and have to say that’s a very good tool. If i only had biped and quadruped characters i’d choose that. But CAT has it’s most important features. Custom rigging and you can stay in your main program. It’s important right now, coz i want to use reactor dynamics and particle flow for animate the tree’s pee and the movement as roots “exploding up” below the ground. CAT’s shaped rig is also good if you turn it to a rigid body collection. You don’t have to remodel proxies for a subdivided mesh. Less layers in scene too. An other point. There will be some clothes. Skirt and blouze of Sally. It will be animated with a simple flex modifier. I want it to be viewport active. Cloth extension is too slow for my timeframe. So some deflectors must be attached to the rig, for nice movements. Coz of these reasons, i choze CAT now. In max9 biped works better in my experience, layers etc, and of course it’s easier if you have to go back few frames and repair, but CAT’s “ground control” is easier. And for me the best is the IK/FK slider. It’s simply animateable. For example when a character jumpin. Start with IK in the air FK when contacts again back to IK. It’s nice and clean.
huh, it was a long post… soooory :slight_smile:

Thank you mate! And welcome :wavey:

U too! Thanks for you comment! I checked you stuff and had some idea. Let me know what you think…

Have a nice day/night,



Great idea and great start Mark !
Nice to see you joining us !


That’s one cheeky looking pooch Tremo, will fit in great with your concept. I always admire your skills.

Steve 8)


Hey - thanks for filling me in on your plans. It’s going to be a treat to follow - especially looking forward to see the use of reactor this way. I’ve just downloaded the demo for CAt and will test it as soon time permits.


That’s a beautiful mesh you got there!
Can’t wait to see it with texture and fur!
Good luck!


Oooh yeah…Hi Bro! Here are you again! :thumbsup: And you have got a really good idea again, I love this sketch, it’s so funny! :cool: I can’t wait to see how this will look like with the final render in animation… :scream: Speed up the engines man, this will ROCK! :buttrock:Don’t forget, we are watching you all the time! :wink: Good luck man! :thumbsup:
And Bro, don’t forget about tomorrow! :beer:


Started on the tree character. Here’s a wire.


multiple post, sorry :frowning: other PC joked me


multiple post, sorry :frowning: other PC joked me


Viewport grab. Simple.


Ok, it’s the start on rig. 401 bones. Handles and curling edit on “fingers” are missing. But it’s enough right now. It was an interesting exercise.



Thanks for your words. This challenge is a fun and lotsa fine things are here. Your character is awesome :buttrock:

Thanks, but it’s just spending time :slight_smile: Nice to see your around again mate!

Good to hear you checked CAT. You can see this rig above. It was really a fun to operate on this. Especially around “fingers” and roots. CAT fingers, tails could be relinkable. I mean if you create a finger you can “detach” it from the palm. For example here one palm drives 8 to 10 fingers. Under the palm parameters there is a “bult in reaction manager” there are the spread, roll, curl settings. It was time consuming task to pose each fingers to be down curled when the slider adjusted, but right now I can adjust them from palm’s editor but they orientation is free from the palm’s movements. That’s a good point. In this case ther are fingers linked to fingers. It generates a nice movement on animation. Tails ( gradient coloured root parts) are also generated from pelvis then linked to roots (targeted limbs) with these I can combine different movements in one bodypart. Like a spline style and FK/IK multisegmented limb’s usual movement. It’s a fun. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the comment! I won’t use fur here. It’s just kill rendertime in animation. But probably will do some games with that, who knows… save a second of rendertime in one frame is saving a life :slight_smile:

hehhe, am glad you like it! Thanks for the birthday beer. Try to speed up, but you know how other works kill time :slight_smile:

Have a nice day/night,



Holy macaroni tremo… That’s a sreious looking rig you’ve got going there mate… I can see clearly the level of control you’re after and it makes me even more curious about how far you’re planning to take this:curious:…

Keep it coming T!


Great idea and great modeling Mark !


Oh. thats so nice…very cool idea…so fun concept…you must be mad to create something like that!

Good luck!:slight_smile: