Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Mark E. Seljan


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Title: Gotcha!

An angry tree take a leak on a disturbing dog.

Length: Around 60 sec

Sally - woman / biped
Tony - french bulldog / quadruped
MrWoods - tree / special rig

A small corner of a street, few houses, sidewalk

Idea behind the project:
Strange behavior means unusal acts for me. I want to present a quite realistic and believable scene and environmnet. In this environment the strange act of the tree will be more surprising.


Hi People,

Am in :buttrock:

Best luck to everyone! Hope we learn again a lot from each oder just as used to. As I see lotsa familiar faces are around. This challenge gonna be the funiest ever :bounce:

Hope U like the concept.

Have a nice day/night,



Excellent! I’m so happy to see you in - looking forward to see your scene come alive. Nice and fun concept!


Tremo! Both your presence here and your concept makes me smile:D Good luck


Mark! Great to see you entering. Good luck buddy. Your concept is very funny…


Great to see you here joining in, i love the concept, looking forward to you’re progress.

steve 8)


Just Sally’s (female) and Tony’s (french bulldog) rigs. Shaped for easier animation. It’s also easier to handle their weight balance during animation. Speed up motion previews too.


Am glad you like the idea. That’s the most important!

Thanks :slight_smile: Your’re better and better after all these challenges. Always good to see good people evolving! :buttrock:

Yeah my friend! It feels much better if old faces can be in the same boots. I like your concept. It’s interesting for motion. A bit like pantomim. Also gives a lotsa chance to a strong facial animation. So just go ahead!

Mate, your style rocks! I’s gonna be amazing! Full of real life situations and excellent characters! Am just sit and wait for your process :slight_smile:

Mate your stuff makes me laugh! A serious half-body portrait with some crazyness. HA! Cool contrast. Go ahead!

Have a nice day/night!


I just started to model this character called Sally. Nothing special. I will stop with her right now, just was curious how could this work. A bit exotic as i planned.

Have to say it’s not ZB, just the screenshot. I was check her in ZB for the mesh. Hair is just proportional.


she has an interesting face, very good, it’s not the 0815 beautiful woman face
her ear is a bit too low
and maybe the upper lip should blend a bit more smoothly with the skin.


funny concept! I love the posture of the dog and woman - good luck!



Wow, A really good concept. Fun.
A very good looking sketch also.
Say, how did you create that skeleton? Is it automatic or something? Isn’t it alot of work to create a bone skeleton and then create a geometric one on top of it?


hey Mark, the concept sketch and modeling looks realy cool.

Sok sikert :thumbsup:



I love the idea! awesome job!


Hi everyone,

Thank you ania! Yes, ears are wrong, for sure. there’s no plasticity yet. Lips are ok. You see a too subdivided are there. It’s on level 3 or 4 in ZB. In max (and for render) it will be on level 1, with a simple turbosmooth. Thanks for the comment. I want to create a nice but interesting female character. Last challenge i made an ugly man. Just like to keep kontrasts.

Thanks mate! I try to push it forward. Am busy with works these days, again. Maybe have to throw away my cell :hmm:

Thanks for the kind words! About these rigs: Made with CAT. From Softimage. One of my friend mentioned from a hungarian game developer firm. It’s pretty cool. Quite easy to create and animate custom rigs. It’s a system of modules, like spines, arms, legs etc… It has the ability to give form with an editable mesh (nor editable poly) in max. You can use mirrors for the geometry. It’s pretty fast. These were few hours. It woth the time, if you want to animate with less geometry during scenery. Really a speedup for viewport updates. Once you’ve built it you can save it. Forms are saved directly into the rig. Check the web for details. Called Character Animation Toolkit on fullname. Thanks for the good question mate!

Köszönöm szépen! Thanks a lot neighbour! I’ve seen your stuff with chickens :slight_smile: I liked it. I’ve seen it few years ago too, as i remember. Good to meet here with you. Iparos voltál te is esetleg?

ok, now i try to pick up the line again after a short break :slight_smile: new works waiting, so no time for relax. Let’s pop up the hood…

have a nice day/night!


Started to playin around Tony’s model, here is the mesh for skinning. Teeth and tongue missing right now.


Tony in ZB


Tony in ZB


Tony in ZB. Not too detailed, just wanted to start with this too. Have to recheck few things. I’ll search for more references. Skeleton, videos, etc…
All the things help to come alive.