Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Levent Gocer


Hi there
For a while i was off from the challenge, i could not make up my mind those times at the end i have chosen a concept amongst the others but since the lasted time was not enough to do what was in my mind, i have left the challenge.

However this deadline extension resulted as a dare to make it complete.

I am planning to make a simple, basic but funny entry. I also plan to include real actor performances (actors are not professional :slight_smile:

I hope it works :slight_smile:


Short movie opens with introduction and we see a professor. He tells us an office worker’s bad situation at his working place.

Continous innuendo results as nothing obvious but in his mind, he takes his revenge -by imaginery ways-.

I think storyboard pics will tell a bit.

Ok! I am here again


Here is the 2nd page of the storyboard. We see here his virtual revenge happens in his mind. If i have time i am thinking of adding extra revenges :smiley:
Possibly some mockery related with famous movies


Started lab and board, and professor
Must complete the professor tonite


board and intro screen


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