Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Levent Gocer


Ah number 24 is his regiment number but 24 is a strange number, as you said some literal factors there exists; however i did not mean to address them.

I think I ought to change the number, haha :smiley:


Other main character


Hey awesome sketches! I really like that last lobster man guy. I guess you better start modeling soon? Lots of good ideas so get cracking!


Here you see the face modeling begins


Nice start on the face modeling… i´m curious about the lobster man 3d version.
The structures you painted in the concept would make good textures if the
whole animation will be toon shaded.

Keep it up:thumbsup:


Going further with faces and new materials


Hey Levent,

Some good ideas you have here! I liked best the idea of fighting toys, but the one you choose to go with is not bad too :).
Interesting character designs…
But you better hurry up! It’s way too little time for a 3min shot with 3 fully rigged and animated characters…

Wish you luck, and have fun!


Wise words musi. You’re late, LG, and you better hurry or reconsider your scene a bit.


I hope i can finish this one today


Title tells


i like the render style you are using. i think it fits w/ the charracter’s look. pretty interesting idea/story.


r1-381 - [size=2]thank you, i want to have a “cel shaded” piece.
I am happy with the results, also :cool:
[/size]MartinNielsen - [size=2]I think you are right, man! I am in a hurry already.

musi - thanx a lot !

[/size]xioncajou , soapy - [size=2]here is your lobster man, come and see him!



Except minor additions it seems ok for me now


Lobster Man is looking nice Levent, but what about the details and structures in your concept sketches? I liked the evil look…


like your style a lot! :stuck_out_tongue: interesting character design! :stuck_out_tongue:


Some scene works


I plan to make the final picture a letterboxed cinemascope but 640x480 in full size to provide requested size ratio, thus here you see, i simply made sketches and put them into the proper dimensioned letterboxes.

Story goes like following:

Agency make plans to arrest its own fugitive privates at war scorched homecity of them. They guess that they will return there to collect their rememberances from past, belongings from their human times.

Defying fugitives also know that they had been tracked down to there however they still continue on their own task which is becoming a suicide assault…


previous pic has some errors i think


Lobster model is finished, textured and lit


xioncajou, nwiz25 … thank you both. Here you see the better the lobster man. Textured and lit, and ready to be a part of the final.