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This is the first image.

I am planning to start a SCI-FI project. Story is about a planetary recon unit who goes mad, or something like that.

Interstellar expedition group’s elite reconnaissance units face something weird at a planet; than they realize that possibly they will not be able to overcome the mess with standart ordnance; so that, they utilize their secret weapons of genetics based stimulants. At the end, operation turns into a crazy kind of struggle to survive…


I plan to tell the small story of these scout spacemen as they affected by something new (an element or a virus) and act in a strange way. As you see, i rudder the project towards a more peaceful posture.

They are being sent to a meteor crash site on a sunny, arid planet. Shortly after the find, the things begin to go wrong for them somehow.


did they know that the air on another planet is safe to breathe and so they removed their helmet? if thats the case then thers not much strange behaviour to it. maybe you should explore your idea/concept a little further. there should be a character/s that is behaving differently from the normal.


The suits look cool in your concept. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.


seems like a cool idea… I was wondering exactly what that stuff is they are looking at?


yeah you are right, infact there was something different, different ideas in my mind… indeed i imagined a short story and a suitable storyboard. After some hand sketches and applying it to a hand drawn storyboard, i checked the time flow with a chronometer whilst dreaming scene after scene i saw that whole motion completed in nearly more than 3 minutes. With so calculated timing my work may not be accepted in this part of the contest (they require 2-4 mins for the short movie, 0-2 minutes long ones for the modeling etc. part of the game). Then I gave up the idea however shorter stories in my mind are not so -impressive- as you see. In a short while i plan to add a good storyboard here to the thread. I hope you all like it.

SantoAnderson and jasondesigns thanks for the message. I plan to develop the suits more. I think the thgings may become more clear in the storyboard.




I have changed my mind upon the subject, suddenly i imagined a new scene after the midnight whilst still making some sketches for the previous subjects.

Idea is that the toys battle for a hill made of toys again. After the sleep of the child, they begin to battle for the dominion.


And my third and last concept


Kolay gelsin :slight_smile:


Well, well,… I have to say and underline that the one of the hardest side of this contests is deciding what to do ( The other one is waiting for renders :slight_smile: )

Here is my last idea. I will probably do that.

An army of mechas, bots, robots and cyber warriors start an assault towards our “hero”'s town.

Defending forces fearfully wait for the clash however hero has a surprise for them.

A peace bomb named by himself what infact a mortar shell containing a signal emitter that manipulates the radio command given towards the mechanical monsters’ silicon CPUs.

After firing the shell, enemy force begin acting weirdly, and cease their assault run then begin maneuvering strangely.

Please send your critics and if you like any idea before that (maybe you have something to say about my other ideas) please tell me, OK?


Tesekkur ederim :slight_smile:



My summer vacation was over yesterday. I have returned with fresh ideas in my mind and I hope I will be able to complete my last concept.

I have no sketch or picture scanned yet but I plan to bombard the thread with new works everyday.

Here is the introduction to the new concept:

"Hello! :slight_smile: Welcome to the CVCVBNNCABC Interstellar TV news channel’s special event …! :applause:
This is Peace Congress at Alpha Quadrant of Milkyway Galaxy, and we are broadcasting from N3738 …! :rolleyes:

More than a dozen of spacefaring creature cultures including the Earthlings, agreed to cease hostilities, establish a harmonious federation and build something good altogether.
We do not expect the cultural, biologic and all other differences to harass the harmony what we expect to have. Please dont leave our channel since we plan to fetch hourly fresh news with visual records, every day with important news. "

As you may guess, anything contraversely may happen and every participant possibly get affected by any misunderstandings caused by culture and biology difference.

I thing it can be fun to watch and plenty of strange behaviours !


some of the aliens


After talking to people who criticised the designs and whole contest, I have returned the very first idea of myself (you see the ivy branched soldier at the first page of this thread).
The purpose is to make a short, approximately 2 or 3 minutes long, filled with excitement and sensous factors also. By this way it may collect the spectators’ interest over itself.
I think i may add as much as VFX this title, rather much than the other concepts.


The story background is here —

In the new age of humanity, governments and armies changed their combat concepts regarding to the innovations on genetic engineering.
Simply changing the body with strange chemicals and drugs to maintain a kind of new unit type which capable of doing what an ordinary soldier can not do.
Purpose is to have formidable fighters, who behave really mean…
As usual, the neglected humanity seeds of moral values again strike upon the merciless nature of this weapon as rejecting killing or seems happened not to obey slaughter orders.

Our short story (infact a slightly extended sequence or somewhat like that) picturing some fugitive strange warriors acting unpredictable and behaving strangely!.

The Plot

We see main characters, trying to sneak to war weary, ruined apartment blocks, eliminating some sentries, surprising them and intruding the blocks; seeking a certain flat in a rush and they find it.

Behind the door we see an abandoned flat, a past family’s belongings, left suddenly because of the raging battle nearby, scattered items, clothes, plates etc. Main character enters to a small room, once belonged by a child apparently; he examines the toys and items. Chooses one toy, picks it up and sadly gazing, examines it more.

Second character enters the flat hastily, points out that they must leave the area immediately because of the increasing resistance. Main character collects some toys (This is the “[color=mediumturquoise]strange behaviour” factor of the show, as a brutal bloody warrior character’s interest over small toys).[/color] They flee with the help of the third character running, jumping amongst the flying bullets, richochets.

They left the scene with the explosions and flames, soon later we see main characters sitting around a camp fire and recovering from the small combat the had. Listening their short conversation, here we learn the cause of the whole action and why he picked up some toys from there.


One of main characters


Greats Concept and Characters…:thumbsup:

Levent Abi elinize sağlık güzel bir karakter gercekten…Şuan ne aşamada çalışmanız…Merak ettim doğrusu…


Thanx hazaro. It is going pretty slow but the story determined now, I hope the process speed up from now on…

Olucak kısmetse de yavaş gitti şimdiye kadar ne yapacağıma karar veremedim bir türlü.


Hey Levent, really nice sketches!! and you have a great imagination and creativiness, cool mate!!:thumbsup: I can see you was decided for the soldier concept, i like the plot of the story :smiley:
(and why the “24” plate on the belt?? the soldier is a sort of extreme “Jack Bauer”?? :smiley: or a sufi allegory like in the Pamuk´s “Black Book” ? :wink: )
Best of luck my friend and following the development of your animation !! Cheers :beer: