Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Lasse Juul Kolding


Woow, there’s a lot to do and so little time!
Should have started way earlier, but hey, still 35 days…

Been a bit off lately and now finally got this fairly big step done… the face of the main character in his android stage.
Certainly the only stage I will have time to deal with for this Strange Behavior clip.
I am striving to do a little clip featuring this guy and the TV Cat :slight_smile:
More soon, hopefully!

Only model milestone, even though there’s some shading going on, just for fun…


the loops aren’t very clean, there should be a loop from the nose to the corner of the mouth. But if you’re not going to animate the face, it’s alright.

waiting for more.


Thanks for the reply.
I see what you mean, I haven’t modelled a face for years and years and was a bit rusty in the loops department so i fiddled for quite some time… :wink:
I am planning on animating him so I might look into changing those loops.

Do you know of any good tutorials, or just refference pictures, on edge loops for faces? I’ve mostly been dealing with architecture and other designed things before…



Another modeling update.
The face and head also changes slightly… just slightly… the face though got retopologized…
Next up is the arm and hand and then wrapping it up with some clothing… :slight_smile:


So here is the android, finally with a full body and clothing, trying to hide his android-ness…

I’m pretty happy with him overall. I will probably make the pants a bit baggier and longer, just a bit. Also, a zipper area will probably be done in texturing as well as many other details that will be taken care of then off course… :wink:


It’s not done yet, the texture, but I like how it was looking with this matcap skin material in ZBrush… :slight_smile:


Experimenting with the misss fast skin shader… it’s nice :slight_smile:

Now I seriously need to get moving though!


hey ncie project u got here man… been following this one from the beginig… i think its pretty interesting… nice modeling but if u ask me I’d say the spacular of the face is a bit too much… also you cud try breaking up those highlights with some bumps. Also the hand seems a bit too much translucent… hope that helped… keep up the good job mate…:thumbsup:


Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:
I think you are right on both. I want the skin to be fairly smooth, but not quite that smooth probably… :wink: Will probably do more with the specular map than with the bump for this guy…
As for the translucency of the hand, haven’t tweaked to much there yet, in fact for both the face and hand I think I will wait with tweaking until I have the characters in a scene with some more descent lighting…

Thanks buddy, I shall keep going :slight_smile:


First I was thinking I would not make the shredded pinky to save time, then I thought, no… I want it!

So yeah, I’m extra busy, I’m moving to Denmark tomorrow…

Meaning more delay, but hey, I just animate and render as much as I can before deadline! :wink:

Besides from adding that shredded pinky part I have tweaked the hand model a bit, especially the fingertips and the connection to the nails, plus gave the nails a new material, that I’m pretty happy about.
The material on the pinky itself can change quite a lot…

Also some minor tweaks here and there to give it more definition while still keeping it fairly low poly and smooth - so as to not kill myself and my poor little laptop :wink:


nice modeling and texture work. very realistic.
not sure if you tried this yet for your 2d noise problem…but have you tried checking the box that says “stagger”…? that could help with your tiling problem. just an idea.
good luck with your work!


Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:
I haven’t tried that stagger box… will be sure to give it a try when I get back to the cat… :slight_smile:


Software: Maya

There’s a lot of stuff you have to imagine in this clip, some “supporting characters” missing and a lot of movements are not there yet.
For example, the android doesn’t move at all after the intro…and he doesn’t disappear when the cat goes unconsciouss. That will come later.
Also offcourse, the android is supposed to have clothes, he will get those, I hope…!
Plus, a lot of other things, it’s rough to say the least.

This is mostly to make the camera so I can make a quick set and render that out by itself. Time is of the essense here, and I sure haven’t got a lot compared to how much i still need to do! Long ago I realised that I would have to make a much simpler scene, and because of rendering time restrictions, it has to be a short clip…
But hey, it’s a challenge… :wink:

Play Video >>


A render and composite test of the set.
It is rendering now as I am working on the character animation…
So little time, so many corners to cut… :wink:


Here’s a frame from the animation. There are some things I would like to do in the comp, both to background and foreground, but many things has to be done before that!

The next thing I post will probably be a final animation preview, I’m working on it while rendering out small parts and passes…


love that shot of the tele-cat jumping down. real nice atmosphere and mood.


Thanks buddy!
I’m striving for it :wink: Still a few things that might give it extra atmosphere…


Software: Maya

Except for small changes that I might see, or little mistakes that you might tell me about… this is what I have time for in terms of the basic animation.
The face of the cat is coming in a later layer…haven’t animated it yet!

There’s still a third quite crucial character missing in the end, the so-called rainbow lion that pops in and makes the android disappear. So that’s another thing that has to be imagined for now. And a big reason why I need to not spend more time at this step lol!
The intro shot also has a bonus character that I hope I have time to make and put in… we’ll see!

Play Video >>


Still missing that rainbow lion! And rendering, and cat face… and… busy days all around I think… :wink:


It might be a bit late to post this, but I thought I should post a rig of the android, though he is animated now…
It’s been hard to participate that much lately with these things since I moved back to Denmark after not being here for almost 2 years…
I will have a compiled animation done very soon!