Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Lasse Juul Kolding


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Latest Update: Final Render: Strange Relations


The Rainbow Lion is a very loose sketch of one of the 4 characters that share a symbiont - and very strange off course :slight_smile: - relationship in my animation.
The Frameboy is already 3D - in his 2D nature - and somewhat shaded, and he would be the fourth of the 4 characters. Not completely sure whether he will be in the clip or not, yet.

The two main characters are expected to jump out of my head shortly, and then off course show themselves here.
C&C are welcome at all stages, although I realize that what I posted probably doesn’t make much sense yet…
Strangeness all around!


good luck friend:thumbsup: .


Thank you Siavash, I’m gonna need it! :slight_smile:


Concept drawing of the main character.
As I mention he will be wearing clothing all throughout the shot, so I have focused my drawing and design on the parts that will be visible during it. To begin with, he will just be looking like a human, so this sketch is really a big spoiler…oh well… :wink:


Concept Sketch of the second main character.
They are all really kind of main…
Read the description on the picture for some more info :slight_smile:


Finally got started on the modeling. The TV Cat will be the first one and we’ll see from there how much time I have :slight_smile:

I have changed since the sketch, added antennas to function as a type of whiskers instead of my planned ears, and made different ears instead. Also added a speaker…

I have quite a big scene in mind with 4 characters and a couple of strange events taking place in a moon lit destroyed city type scene. This being the head of one of the two primary characters, but I doubt that I will get to make that whole scene before the contest ends.
Maybe I’ll just make a little scene with those two characters from the concept drawings, again, we’ll see :slight_smile:


A quick addition to the last post,
I thought this picture from the viewport was both fun and descriptive. :slight_smile:


A couple of legs are missing but I have to get some sleep :wink:

The proportions might still change, I’m still tweaking all over the place.
Some details of the design are saved for texturing and displacement/bump.

Can’t wait to see it fall over and go into static, but I’m taking it one step at a time :slight_smile:

C&C welcome!


Wireframe of the full TV cat shown in the next picture…


Done with the modeling now.
Tweaked some more after adding the hind legs, and might do a bit of tweaking later…

First of though I think it’s about time to look at texturing and shading, if there are any comments before that, I sure would like to hear them :slight_smile:


Your TV Cat is really interesting… I’ll have to keep an eye on you. :thumbsup:

The only critique I have is that the TV head looks like it would topple the cat forward easily… but since you plan to have the cat faint a lot anyway… this might actually work to your favor. G’luck man!


Haha yeah, it is good for the fainting moves I have in mind that he is fairly top-heavy :wink:
He is strong enough to carry the head and jump around in his everyday moving around though…

In this last picture he does have a slightly smaller head than in the earlier pictures, which is good, but I like that it is still quite big.

Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:


This is not an actual shot from the animation or lit in any special way, heck it’s still even in the “kitty Da Vinci pose” :wink:
It is however coming along with the texturing and shading and then I made this quick mock up for ambiance using a 2D painting of mine as background.

It also shows the beginning of the face itself which I think is quite funny :slight_smile:
I might put up some animation tests when I get around to it, quite a lot to see to these days.

The next thing I wanna do is rig it and make another shot where it has been knocked unconscious by something, landing on it’s head with static on the screen…

Hope to hear what you guys think! :slight_smile:


very interesting character
to the face I would add some noise and maybe some horizontal lines going from top to down, like in old tv screens.
now it looks like paint, not like a screen.


Finally a picture of the cat in it’s unconscious state :slight_smile:

Also, it shows that clearly there has been spend some time on the rig… :wink:

I had a problem creating a decent Static Noise shader in Maya, it should be easy…
I ended up creating this texture in Photoshop to be used for this picture, but that gives me some problems with animation…

Basically what I tried in Maya was to create it as 2D noise, but when it’s at that high frequency there is very noticeable tiling!
Not good, then I tried putting noise on the UVs, that just made it swirly, also not good…

I don’t know if I’m missing something super simple, I’m not a material expert.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

As well as any comments off course…
Thanks for tuning in :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

I think you are right about the face, that it still needs something to look more like a screen.
I think I will experiment with making the white lines of the face slightly transparent and adding some noise and other things, maybe those horisontal lines, to the blue background itself. It seems that adding noise and lines to the glass of the screen just isn’t enough…


Chronologically this picture should have come before the last one where it was lit and posed…

I was too fixated on making that picture though… :slight_smile:
So I thought I would post this now for fun. Remember to look at the previous picture to see it “in action”.

I’ve started work on the second character, the android…
I will post some model shots soon!


I’m interested to see what story you come up with. Is the cat’s behaviour driven by what is on the screen, or does the screen represent its current behaviour?

It looks like you flattened the screen out a bit from your original model? I wonder if you should maybe have it with more of a curve to help the shading? Also, it looks like it could really do with some reflection.

There seems like a fair bit of work to go, so I hope you can finish - good luck.


Hi Ordibble P.
Are you referring to the Static Cat picture, or which picture? In the last one, definitely, but that’s just a low poly screenshot from Maya that backtracks quite a bit, so I’m a bit confused… :wink:
The screen did have reflection in the first full render test, it will be there again when there is something to reflect… as for smoothness, it is possible I will make the edges a bit smoother, in the high high version they are fairly smooth though, not done with the shading…

As for the behavior question. The screen is the cats face, so mostly it will represent the cats emotion and behavior, just like a regular face. However, it being a TV, it will sometimes be interrupted by other broadcasts and sometimes even loose connection which results in an inanimate state. The Static Cat picture showed some of this, although it hadn’t fully collapsed there.

As for story, I have a very specific scene in mind that would be sort of a short preview for a whole feature length movie I want to make - we’ll see how many years that will take… :wink:
I’ve been thinking about it for years, and when this contest came up I thought it was a good time to start and make just one little scene.

The scene - not the whole movie - is in a corner of a post nuclear type city scape where the cat comes strolling and meets with the android who is hiding in the shadows. Is is at night. The Android looks pretty much human here since he is wearing a hoodie and has a human looking face (see the sketch). So we have some friendly time between the android and the cat where you also clearly see that he is an android, and a small (I assume) electro magnetic disturbance almost makes him fall getting the android a bit on his toes. Shortly after that a bigger disturbance comes into that plane of reality showing the face of the Rainbow Lion (another character) saying the words “Now it’s time”. His emergence sends out a strong vibration that causes the TV Cat to collapse and go into static and when he disappears, as quickly as he shows himself, he takes the android with him…
The cat wakes up again and is confused. You see him walking around, miaving…(is that what cats do, in english?).
Now the full clip would start with a neon like butterfly flying over the screen catching the focus of the android, immediately before the Cat shows up. In the end when the cat is walking around confused, you get close to his TV screen and it “changes channel” to show this butterfly landing in some rubble close to the site. When he lands though he flickers out of that reality plane and in again in the form of frameboy AKA The Polarization Man (see the very first post, and imaging that guy as a butterfly).
Another channel switch quickly shows the android who is no longer and android but some very strange something… disintegrating, deconstructing deforming…
Another switch, you see the android, who now looks completely human, might even be human, sitting in the same spot as before but it is day time and the buildings aren’t destroyed.

That might sound a bit confusing, it’s the first time I’ve actually written this down :slight_smile:

That’s the scene I Want to make for Strange Behavior, but I have my doubts that I will have time…!! :wink:
So instead I might do something different for the contest, something more simple and perhaps more silly but I haven’t fully decided on what yet. We’ll see once I get the android made how much time I have left.
Hopefully I will have time for a simplified version of the scene described above without all the planned cuts and characters and channel changes, just focusing on the cat and android and the “disturbance”.

I’m suspecting that the full scene will be found in the animation gallery sometime later that the contest ends… :wink:

Good luck with your entry also!