Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Laeticia Freger


Laeticia Freger is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Modeling: Child - Basic Modeling


HIIIIIIHA :smiley:

anything so crazy to start :slight_smile:

g00d luck to everyone :wink:


ahahaha ,

How comes it took you so long to press the “enter the challenge” button ?

Have a lots of fun and best of luck

cheers ,



bah tiens…


ben oué :smiley:

yes man ! im here :smiley:


Salut Laetitia! Nice to see you in the round again! :bounce:

Good luck too you mademoiselle. I know you will come up with something crazy!


hey there!
Looking forward to see your work!


great :slight_smile: Have fun in this one Laetitia ! :bounce:


hey Laeticia,

great you’re up here again. Hope to see some great stuff soon.



oh !
thanks my friends :slight_smile:
very touch by this kind words :slight_smile:


Welcome and good luck :slight_smile:


héhé mathias :slight_smile:
nice to see u here :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and good luck to you :wink:

hope u can help me asap :smiley:

ahahahahaha :wink:


if that is not a sign of love, nothing is…


Excellent :smiley:

and where is the titanic boat ? :smiley:


good old fellah…
tss tss
you know I’m seasick and never sail!


2 lovers find themselves again…

c’est trop booooo…

le challenge de l’amour…un thème sans fin !!!


Hi Laeticia! glad to see you enter! good luck and have fun!


Hello girl, good to see you back here. Good luck!


thanks gunie :slight_smile:

thanks boy :wink:


Hi Laeticia, thanks for dropping by my thread! I just took a look at your portfolio and was super-impressed by your beautiful renderings. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with this challenge :slight_smile: