Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jürgen Johannes Jäckel


Jürgen Johannes Jäckel is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: Mister Shity the Wonderlover


My main Thread i start from the beginning of the contest you can find here in the category ILLUSTRATION:

I start this thread I will also be automatically eligible for the Modeling, Lighting and Texturing Open Categories.

First i post a scetch of SHITY, THE WONDERLOVER.


Here you can see the whole composition of the models. A detailed making of you can find in my ILLUSTRATION thread.


Here you can see Model with texture. I tex the whole szene in zbrush. Hairs are done with HAIR from Cinema 4D. On the end i do an flesh-shader on the models. A detailed making of i write on the final post.


Here are a bit more detail view of the modelling.


Detail Modeling


Great sculpting ! I think you should hurry !


Detail Modeling


I crawled out from under my rock, and noticed the Strange Behavior contest. This is the first entry I came across.

Great work so far, the ZBrush modeling is awesome. I’ll look forward to following your Thread for the remaining time.

Good Luck with the crunch!


Software: CINEMA 4D,ZBrush

Mister Shity
Mister Shity is the man of the year 2007! He won in 2001 and 2005 Awards for the hottest His and absolute beautiful.
He has no money. He has no charm. He has no character.
He stinks. He is old and frail. And looks like a lump of shit.
But women love him!
No idea! For me Strange Behavior!

Cinema 4D

Start with some sketches. The Sketches and many more you can find in my ILLUSTARTION Thread:

Do Lowpoly models in Cinema 4D. Export them to ZBrush. The most work i do in ZBrush. I do the poses of the characters. Do the details modelling. And on the end i do also the textures in ZBrush. Then back to Cinema 4D make the render setup. Light. Flesh-Shaders. Room. Hairs. On the end i render all in Cinema 4D with hier advanced renderer. A little post in Photoshop…here it is.
Hope you like Shity the Wonderlover.

Thanks to GELD ET NELT for the sound

Play Video >>


Thx for your words.



for this reason i don´t use Zbrush… because i never get your level…

good luck…


Haha, that turned out fun.

You should drop a camera in there and do a little pan or zoom to show off the great modeling.

Do you plan on taking the shaders and texturing further, now that the contest is over?


the idea is great, the modelling too, I like the scene.
just the white eyes of the girls look a bit odd.
Viel Glück!


The girls are sexies. Good scene.


Hey congratulitions! Great modelling work, i agree!


Sexy one :slight_smile:



Because when I see something this…
I do not know by where to begin



it’s really really very cool ! very nice!


i think you can use ZBRUSH in the future ! !Encourage!