Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Juraj Molcak


Hey bro, nice character and sketch. love it.


@ melkao - not me but Professor… errr, he´s going to mix one for sure.

@ Maxter - Thanx. Hope you’ll like it once finished.

@ tinysabya - Hey bro, great to read that! Thanx.


haha doc’s looking sick giv him a shot… lol… very nice design and style… keep up the good works man… wanna c some motion!


I am egarly waiting to c some more ammazing stuff commingup,

keep going …


I realy like the prof, fantastic.

Steve 8)


@ overcontrast - thanx! well, motion… not easy coz I want to have all visual job done as first. So I will be able to finish this as an illustration at least. I say, last month of the challenge I will play with rigs and animation…

@ pixelpiyan - Thank you. I am slow in progress right now, but end of this week sounds good for some progress around.

@ handlebar - yo! Keep cheering me up mate :thumbsup:


I am having lil break from characters developing. I decided to start working on enviroments so I will have more time to plan final look of this show. Basicaly, its going to be rough mixture of reality and caricature. Here is lil sneakpeek how´s my progress so far.


this is going to be good !
Can’t wait to see it lit and rendered


Howdy folks! Here is finished clown´s apartment. It´s stright MR XSI render, so no postproduction yet. Room could be filled with a lot more objects to emphasize clown´s condition, but what I have now is IMHO enough to feel it. Hope you like it. I want to have all props and scenes finished till the end of this month, so I can focus on characters and final compositing in October. Sounds impossible, but what is important - I love this project! yo!


That’s what I was waiting for and it is really good !
You broke the lighting with the stairs’ shadow, cool, it gives a richer atmosphere.


@ gpepper - I broke the light with stairs also for the goal of animation I am planing for this. It´s something to let you know where is my character going when off screen :thumbsup: Lighting is pretty out of reality but I do prefer kinda “theatrical stages” for this show.


That looks relly nice…the volume light in the window is just amazing!

Nice work!:scream:


Howdy folks! Here is my lil update. It´s apartment for Cook The Block character. Well, you might notice progressing is a bit slow around here. I thought this project is going to be heavy, finally I am sure it´s impossible to finish it the way my original idea was. I still want to make final submission for this challenge so here is what I want to do. I am leaving 3 characters ( fashion, glamour, turtledile ) for time after the challenge since I want to continue with “The Block” as my very personal project. I will be happy to submit final in 3D open category as lil flying camera sneakpeek. Also, I want to submit illustration showing a bit less than what I wanted but it could be fun as well. Okay, next week I am going to work on Body’s appartment, so updating next weekend. Hope to finish it on time. Cheers,


Clown The Block - back in the days of his fame :slight_smile:


It seems like very compex rig, texturing, number of meshes… best luck to finish this one! And yes ambience is great!


Hey, what’s cookin’…


That’s just so great… you know what? In each challenge there are some entrys I get really jealous about, as in I wish I made them myself. This is definitely one of them. Love every part of it - multiple coolness :scream:


this is still one of the coolest entries in terms of orginality and fun. love the professor(wish I made that! :slight_smile: )

  • so much you have done in this challenge, deserves lots of respect !


6 days to go?! hahaha… anyway, I am still working on this


unique style…
I love these rigging , in special these little details on clothes… and colors…