Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Juraj Molcak


howdy hey howdy how!

@ Gunilla - simply cool bananas :thumbsup:

@ gpepper - Look who´s back! Thanx. How was your holiday?

@ DaddyMack - Thanks for the suggestion. I did a modification to that part, it is just a lil one but noticable. Good point.

@ melkao - ha ha ha, well technicaly I am her father so… I think she´ll be in good hands if she marry you… :beer:

@ Chiko - Welcome! Great you have your favourite one. Thanx for cheering me up.


jajajajajjajaja:applause:…so can i?:love:…lol, it won’t be a problem with that?..nice mate!..

the rest of character are your family too?:bounce:


Male characters side by side. I may add few bodystyling differences to them depends on how their personalities will pop up once textured.


Male characters side by side. I may add few bodystyling differences to them depends on how their personalities will pop up once textured.


Female characters side by side. I have texturing in my schedule as next wip but for now : IT´S HOLIDAY TIME :slight_smile: Cya folks in around two weeks!


They look great mate… enjoy your break we’ll all be here when you return:wavey:


Cool characters mate!..just a question…wich is you moddeling system?(poly, nurbs, patch…):scream:


howdy folks! I am back from me holiday already working on this madness :slight_smile: Here´s first textured character. Hope you like it! Cya l8r


Great style!! Congratulations!

Good luck!



Here’s textured “cook”. Few parts could be touched up, but not now coz I am pretty out of my schedule already. Hope you like it anyway :slight_smile:


to reply:

@ DaddyMack - yeah, lot´s of great updates allaround. Break was pretty good :cool:

@ melkao - they´re all polygonal modeled with subdivision to smooth them (this time, he he). I am not really big fan of sculpting tools but it looks like I am going to dive into it soon.

@ lotaH - Thanx and good luck to you too!


OMG! Muscles Muscles Muscles!


They are all excellent, Specially the bodybuilder !


Hah! they’re great J! especially the clown… this is shaping up again:thumbsup:


Yep, looking good here - especially the clown. The bodybuilder looks a bit to detailed to go with your chosen style but that could be just me… glad to see you keep on rollin with this:thumbsup:


Software: XSI

I was playing with sickshader for mad scientist. Still wip though.

Play Video >>


finally have some time to reply :slight_smile:

@ gpepper - Cool you like them. I was missing your fedback in here :thumbsup:

@ DaddyMack - More fun to come!

@ Gunilla - yeee, gunie with a lil crit! Well, imho, from one point of view bodybuilder has the same level of details as so far characters. From other point of view, we see them exactly the same way in our real life as you just said - "they are “a bit too detailed” :slight_smile:


that’s so strange! need medicine!:eek:


Very original concept… i like the weird character design and the interesting story
keep the great style coming!!:thumbsup:


Professor The Block. Well, not every experiment is successful…