Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Juraj Molcak


jajajaja…what a crazy thing…you are so mad…you must live in a madhouse!
very nice progress…keep going!:scream:


cook and a plaster.



@ diosalex - thanx! It is great to see audience is growing.

@ jasondesigns - yeah, 3D is going to be real challenge, but I want to keep it in very sketchy form so the story will be stright, hopefuly. Thank you.

@ melkao - ha ha, lol, not that mad. But I surely took some inspirations from the real world around me. Keep watching :thumbsup:


hello folks! Me, back on the track :slight_smile: Here is the last one of “the block” inhabitants. Enjoy


starting with characterisation of my universal mesh


cook in progress :slight_smile:


hey there, many ideAS YOU HAVE THERE,

it’ll be a dilema picking the one… they look good to me.



hey nice progress, with you models…keep updating!:thumbsup:


today’s progress: universal mesh modified for fashion designer.


The wierdness in here just keeps growing and mutating… Love the directions you’re taking this Juraj.:applause:


@ thedoc - ha ha, and you don´t know I am going to pick all of them! Thank you.

@ melkao - thanx buddy, will try to keep the tempo.

@ DaddyMack - there´s naked man dancing at the square in the TV show right now… man, that is weird, ha ha ha. Thanx for cheering me up. BTW - hopefuly my “cook” doesn´t disturbing hot chicks from your entry.


this is one wacky silly project man!!.. really love the silly charactes… cant wait to see them all ready and doing their weird things… nice progress, keep goin…

c ya around


muscles and trophies, yeah!


Oh yes - it seems you handle the move of the style into 3d very well. The cook is so funny!
Love the way you present your updates too - real cool :slight_smile:


They are just all excellent !


ehm ehm… glamourous… ehm ehm… girl :smiley:


She’s beautiful mate:love: I think the muscle character shouls\d have a slimmer waist tho to accentuate the torso… Loving this:D


jajajaja…i’m agree with DaddyMack, she is beautiful…like a model…i want to marry her…jajaja…nice job mate!:thumbsup:


ahahaha wow! I love the character designs, very unique!

I think the face and body style are great! My favorite is the very large cook woman.
Can’t wait to see more!


Work on textures and shaders for whole bunch of “the block” characters is going to be my next step. Still long way to rig them and prepare the props, uff uff