Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Juraj Molcak


howdy folks!

@fellah - thanx for cheerin’ me up! About the count of characters, they hopefuly will not sit on their asses just for this one. I also will make them all out of “universal mesh” I am working on right now. So after building and UVing I will just tweak, sculpt and paint over, all in very simple style (definitely not kind of mudbox high). Schedule - July = universal mesh and rig, August = characters and stages, September = animation, October = final touch ups + illustration/poster… No room for mistakes, lol :thumbsup:

@sel - yeah, I thought it has to be something you didn´t show us. Don´t need to be sorry, I am very light replyer this time too. So, I am happy that you cut your free time to type in here.
Thank you!


Great start on the modeling Oweron, i wondered how your wonderful sketches would equate to 3d. Wonderful.

Steve 8)


Final male body wannabe. Just need to tweak a bit with fresh eyes and make the female out of it, than UVs… Comments and Crits are welcome as usual. Thanx


hope you like ´em


here is lil overpaint to see how the characterisation will go.


I just love your pair of characters! Really nice stylized, and follows the feel of your sketches real well. Well done :thumbsup:


Looking good.

Curious to see what the emotions of the faces will do in animation.



I love the character designs. Their partially disturbing but in a good way. The design is very original and I agree that you did a fantastic job transposing your sketch into 3D. Are these characters going to be rigged? I’m curious if the mouth being open is a neutral pose for the character?



@handlebar - steve, great to know you like 3d look of it. It is actually crucial to me, to get the right mix of ingredients here. Bit of 2d and bit of 3d. All in good balance.

@Gunilla - sweet! Keep cheerin’ me up sis.

@Nothingness - Thanx. They will change a lot in the final piece.

@JCahoon - seeing you are skilled animator, thanx for your feedback. Yes, they are going to be rigged. Full body rig with some facial controls. And second yes, the mouth suppose to be neutral pose, feel free to comment if you see smthing wrong for that task. Cheers,


stylee man ! :thumbsup:


BodyPaint UV edit. Next step is rigging and weighting setup.


Thats strange!:eek:


@ gpepper - YO!

@ melkao - hey buddy, great to see you around. So you can see “strangeness” here, now I just need to add some kind of “behavior” and I am good to go :deal: hah


Nice character design, Like your Sketches too


you are right…here are a lot of strange things…just wait for mine…


howdy folks! I decided to skip rigging setup and I am going to progress “the block” characters. Here’s the first one sketchy. Comments are welcome. Enjoy.


well, fashion designer.


how strange is that?


another “the block” inhabitant :o)


Strange and very cool stuff, cant wait to see these characters in 3D.:thumbsup: