Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Juraj Molcak


Yeah, your sketches are cool and stylised ! I can remember the style of your entry in “journey begins”.
Sure you have the talent of a great artist !
Keep going !


So far it looks like I will need to animate/pose more than one character. Therefore I decided to find the way of universal character. Here are first sketches of him/her :slight_smile: Tadaaaaa…


Hi Oweron, your sketches are great.
For now, your entry is one of the most interesting!
Good luck.


concepts looking real good… i love ur style… the lst characters r really nice… keep goin and keep showing us those nice drawings…


@ alvin-cgi, gpepper - thanx for nice words. Not so sure about weight of different style in those challenges, but it is just natural to try to be original.

@ claudiojordao - thanx. Well, gpepper was talking about my “journey begins” entry, which was pretty interesting and hot during the challenge, but it was not after it… For judges it even doesn´t get the challenge topic (as one of them said), lol. For me, better to stay closer to ground now :thumbsup: Don´t want to hit the ground from higher heights again, ha ha ha

@ overcontrast - thank you as well. However, I need to start some true 3D work here in order to catch the tempo of this show. Keep watching.


I love your drawing style for this! How about making the animation in 2d? That could be pretty cool I think.
About the categorys and what’s expected of us - I find it a bit confusing too. Maybe it will all be revealed in the end :smiley:


I am very enjoy looking at your characters, and your sketch.


Under the block there is a canalization. Under the block there is an unwanted product.


Hey Juraj, great sketches man! I really like your style, and specially the way you use the colors. I agrre with Gunilla, a 2D animation like this would be awesome! Althoug I’m really curious to see this style transferred to 3D…

Anyway, keep it up, we want more! :scream:


@ Gunilla - it is going to be mixture of 2d and 3d at the end anyway. But I will be more flexible with 3D characters I guess. I think even challenge team have some confusingness in the rulez, lol.

@ tnads - cool! thanx!

@ Anubis3D - Yeah, maybe to transfer it right with the mood will be my goal for this challenge. Still brainstorming a lot in my mind about whole show… keep watching, thanx :thumbsup:


Hi Oweron! Great to see you here! I love your idea! (-infact i had a kind of similar idea with perhaps a touch more of an S&M overtone to it! -lol -looks like i wont be doing it now!) Loving your sketches -cant wait to see how you go -and looking forward to learning even more from you this time around! Good luck!


Nice to see you around again. I am not sure if I can see connections between our threads. Can you be more specific why you want to rethink your concept? Feel free to ask as much as you want, that´s the other ( and better ) part of this challenge - to learn :thumbsup: Good luck!


Okay. “The Block” concept is growing. Here is the list of characters. The story will be pretty simple - something around 1,5 minute of their “ordinary day time”. 6 - 7 characters in simple animation and I have plans to finish it till the end of september so I will have time to move this idea for the illustration still entry. Hope you like this idea. Comments are more than welcome. Cheers,


Interesting sketches. I like that alligator turtle consept alot.
Goodluck man.


My personal fav is actually the one in post 7. Mainly becuase its so surreal and could lend itself to some awesome modeling.
Great sketchs I love them all.


@ ali-rahimi-shahmirzadi - thanx for feedback. Yeah, the “turtledile” or “turtlegator” is fancy one. So it probably will take a place in final animation and composition.

@ aurora - yes, the sureal one was nice “mind stretching” for the begining, but I can´t see very cheerful animation with such a thing so I decided to run with more “funky silly grounded idea of the block”. It may look a bit mainstreamish but I have some kind of “think about it” composition in my mind so it may also have surreal impact to this show. I also decided to practise my character´s developing skills which actually will be better this way. But you are right, that surrealistic is atractive looking but a bit heavy weighted to me, compare to the header of this challenge. Cheers,


call it blue print, lol


howdy folks! I fired up my first polygons today. Head is here. Well, still wip but I think I will be able to move those characters into the third dimension.


love that idea. one of the ideas with most potential in this challenge, in my opinion. and i am glad you are trying out a very stylised style for it. even though i think it might be a bit to brave to make so many characters in 3d for just one scene. but, it’s called “challenge” for a reason.


Hi Oweron!

Sorry i havent got back for ages- work and such!

Lol -i dont think i was very clear. I meant i had had a similar idea- although when i looked through the challenge i saw your fabulous idea - so decided instead on the idea im doing now -as i didnt want to do something too simliar to anyone elses. (Think im the only one with an anteater having tea so now i dont need to worry!) So basically in a round about way i was saying i liked your idea!

Anyway -im loving your designs and model! -As always your bringing a fabulously unique style into the mix!