Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Juraj Molcak


Hey, what’s cookin’…


That’s just so great… you know what? In each challenge there are some entrys I get really jealous about, as in I wish I made them myself. This is definitely one of them. Love every part of it - multiple coolness :scream:


this is still one of the coolest entries in terms of orginality and fun. love the professor(wish I made that! :slight_smile: )

  • so much you have done in this challenge, deserves lots of respect !


6 days to go?! hahaha… anyway, I am still working on this


unique style…
I love these rigging , in special these little details on clothes… and colors…


I have finally 4 out of 7 planned charcaters finished. That´s not bad. Now the real challenge…


I hope you will finish in time !


It’s a great stuff again from you! :applause:
Now push it as hard as you can! Keep it up! :bounce: :bounce:


Body The Block closeUp


Cook The Block closeUp


i think the style of your characters are pretty cool. love that apartment rendering. so when do we get to see some animation?


Prof The Block CloseUp


Clown The Block CloseUp


Please, tell me that you will finish something !


That’s just great - clowns apartment. I like your blend of reality and comic style. Good luck with the animation!


Software: After Effects,BodyPaint,XSI

howdy folks for once again.

Here I am with my model-render-animation entry called “The Block”. As a description of this project I am going to retype what I wrote for illustration entry. So, idea behind is kind of simple. Generally, my goal was to capture strange behavior you may find allaround in real life. The style of my scene is not stright realistic what is just natural for me. I am using a mixture of realistic elements with caricature to catch the mood of parody (comedy) instead. It wants to be funny and entertaining but as few people already said, there is a bit of sedness in it as well. It is just “so close” to everyday reality.
I started this project as animation short wannabe. Block of apartments full of residents with strange behaving on their daily routine poped up as nice base for more than one short. Well, its also pretty huge project so I finished just this promo part of it. Characters are developed as human caricatures all besed on one universal mesh for man and one for woman. Everything modeled in XSI 5.11 Foundation, UV mapped and textured in BodyPaint R3. Rigged back in XSI , all rendered with MentalRay and finally some postproduction in AfterEffects 6.5 Standard.
Feel free to check out illustration entry from “The Block world” with few extra elements in my challenge thread at or download 1/2 full render from Hope you will like it. Thanks.

Play Video >>


I finally can say I am done with this challenge. Did my maximum to let you folks see a bit of my “world”. Now I just hope that all of you who supported me during this show are happy with my final submissions and hopefuly few new get some interest in this too. Thanx for all your great support coz such a challenge need it for sure. Here is the list of those who supported me with important feedback around this thread. Thanx again and cya l8r fellowzzz!!!

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hey…thats really cool and original…i like a lot your camera movement…can i get a copy of your animation?:scream:


melkao, you can download the FLV file from challenge player. There is download link under the control panel but you have to wait till whole animation upload on the screen from server. Glad you like it. I wish I had time to animate more than camera, lol :deal:


Thats a great end result :slight_smile: The camera work is very nice, a very surreal feel. Like a Matrix snap of the world :wink: Congrats and good luck