Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: John Cahoon


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: Main Character


After thinking out many different ideas, I came up with one involving a worm.
I knew I wanted the worms face on that bit of his body that looks lik a small rubber band. These are just some sketches I did in painter testing out facial expressions and seeing what they might look like. I will probably do some more to further grasp a character design. Also I will start storyboarding within the next day or two.


This is my second, main, character for my entry. I reworked the story/beats and came up with a new one that involves a kid. This is the final design of the kid. The colors might vary…but I’ll decide on that once the 3d model is ready. Next I’ll design his profile shots and work more on the worm design as well as another character. I’ll be storyboarding out my project very soon.

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