Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


r1-381: It is actually in the illustration category as well. I also wish I had more time to animate him. He was actually all set up for it, just needed to be animated. But for the story I wanted to tell, it was going to require more than just hitting render. But now that I look back, perhaps I could have pulled it off in time! No big deal though…

fruela: Thanks! It was a tricky thing to get into the perspective I wanted, but it turned out ok I think. :wink:

gpepper: Thanks man! I wanted to do a ZBrush movie thing where I showed a little bit of my process for modeling the rocky stuff, but ran out of time.

coolkonrad: Thanks! Glad you took a peek!

chocoski: Yeah, I wish I had more time to do something, but real work really took over a month of my life and kept me from doing what I really intended with this one. It was a great exercise though and something more to add to my wall! :slight_smile:


Awesome concept. I hope he gets animated some day. (:


Congratulations Jesse !:bounce:


Holy crap! Thanks gpepper!

Stunned really…thanks to all of you who gave me crit and checked out my work. I really wanted this to be something special. Even if I had won nothing, I’m just glad that I got a piece of art to put on my wall at the office :wink:


Congratulations Jesse! Im really glad you got him finished in time. It looks great and the work seems to have paid off huh? Way to go man :thumbsup:


Hey congrats buddy! U did an amazing job on thois!! well desurved!


Wow I have to agree that you fully deserve the award for best Textures! When you want to reach out and keep expecting the screen to be lumpy when you touch it, that’s when you know you’ve got great textures. Awesome awesome work dude! :thumbsup:


Mrehehe great work has been awarded! Congratulitions!


Congrats, very well done


Congratulations on the Best Texturing. :slight_smile:


Well done Jesse!! I hope I can see this guy animated one day, and u don’t shelve this character. Awesome work!


Hey thanks guys! It was quite an adventure and I learned a lot about some workflow issues I was having. Who knows if I’ll every animate this guy for real, but we’ll see. :slight_smile:


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