Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


Niice! I like the hand poses on your shaded post, thats funny. Can’t wait to see what kind of environment you are going to put this dude in.


looks pretty good. i think this does well for an illustration entry. it can tell the whole story without any movement. although, would be really cool to see this guy working on himself. be neat to see a bunch of particle dust, pebbles, etc.


hey thanks BKLARK and r1-381! What you see there is just what came off for the raw render. So it’ll look slightly different (hopefully more complete) once I get into PS and finish it off. I’m considering doing a camera truck to complete the animation requirements for this challenge and perhaps a zbrush turntable of the character once it’s done. All in a matter of a few days now…hope I can pull it off in time!


Ok, here’s my new raw render. Dropped in a background with some stantions and a couple lights. I gotta fix a few things in photoshop, but I think it’ll finish off well. The animation is rendering right now. It’s just a camera truck starting off from his upper body area that goes back to reveal the sphere. Nothing too crazy, but enough to satisfy the animation requirements!

Cranking on!!


Ok, completed the postwork on the hi-res still. This was my main goal. Finishing a high quality image of a new character.

Hopefully everyone can see the concept I was going for in this image. The rock character is sculpting away at himself a chunk at a time in an effort to not look so rough and crumbly. He just wants to be seen as polished and new and to have that certain sparkle that the sphere seems to have. The ironic part of this is that there’s no possible way to completely sculpt himself into that sphere because his whole foundation would have to go as well as his arms and face, etc. The moral of the story is that sometimes it can be self-destructive to try and be something we’re not. Kinda cheesy, but I thought it might be a “strange” way to illustrate that concept.

I’m working on the animation next, just need to change up some materials in the background, resend it, and do some minor postwork to finish it up. Then I’ll also put together a turnaround of this character in ZBrush3, if time permits.

Any comments/crits/thoughts/high fives are always welcome.


Here’s a closer look at the face.


Excellent work Jesse ! The render of all these things is great !

You did a great picture ! I’m a bit sad that you didn’t do any animation with this.

Did you enter the illustration challenge because I didn’t see your entry ?
Don’t you thing you have to ?


Yeah I’ve got an animation coming probably today or tomorrow. Need to rerender it “real quick” and package it all together with a turntable in zbrush. I almost decided to just do the illustration challenge, but thought there were some great prizes in the animation category that I really wanted to try and qualify for. But there’s so many great entries, it’s hard to fathom any sort of victory. Hey, I’m just glad I got another piece done for my own portfolio! :slight_smile:


very nice work u did here! :thumbsup: hope you finish everything in time!


here’s a wireframe of the still

I’m working on the animation/video now


Ok, so I added some dust effects to this image. I felt like it was missing some dirtiness…animation/video still coming…hang tight


this is turning out really nice. would be cool for your turntable animation to actually have the dust slowly moving…just an idea that could be neat.


trying to get this flv thing down…sorry


bad video upload - trying again! :wink:


Software: 3ds max,combustion,Photoshop,VRay,ZBrush

Well, it’s finished now. Some of the transitions didn’t export correctly, but all in all, I’m please with the final product. It’s something I can hang on my wall and smile at when I come into work everyday.

I don’t expect to win or even get close because of all the other great entries who went the extra mile and blew away the rest of us. It’s been a few years since I finished a challenge (machineflesh!) so this was an accomplishment for me.

Thanks to all of you guys for your comments and critique and just dropping in to check out my progress. My wife and kids were a great support and tolerated my need to finish this “strange” idea…

…all right, back to regular worklife…and perhaps some rest??


Play Video >>


this turned out to be a great scene. i really wish you would have had time to animate it and brought that thing to life. nice entry…have you submitted it into the illustration category as well?


Great shader job. It is look real mud. Very good render. And I like the perspective of the camera. Nice composition.


Nice ! Great to see a little animation of this and a making of ! I gives more depth to your picture and all the work you did on the character !


Yepp! Great done!


awesome modeling man! i wish you had made some more animations on your piece coz it’s really cool!:thumbsup: