Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


??? Uvs to transfer from lo to Hi res??? Any pointers for us out here?

The reason your char was flipping when you tryed to overwrite uvs could be a max prob, it can rewrite the vertex numbering on export of obj, that’s why things sometimes get messy in higher subd levels.

Zb3 flips models and normals on import so you may wanna try a combo of rotating your model and flipping the norms before you export from max.

What I’ve often exported an obj to ZB2 (hi res) and reconstruct subdiv to base level so that I can run the pipeline back to Max from there…

Hope that gives you some more options… Wrap deformer can be pretty unstable


for the uv’s transfer I just subdivided the low-res max mesh however many times I did in zb3 and then save it out as a uvw file, then delete the meshsmooth/turbosmooth and unwrap uvw modifiers off that low-res mesh, thus leaving it intact with it’s own (just in case). And then put an unwrap uvw on the hi-res object and load that uvw file you saved out and it should be golden!

I’m gonna try your flipping normals and rotation idea. Right now I already have zb3 importing and exporting with an automatic y and z flip so it comes in at the same spot. But I haven’t tried that normals thing. Sounds like it may work! I’ll update if it does. That would help for the stability of my max files because they are rather large at this point. I do have 6 GB of memory, but that doesn’t mean a thing sometimes!! :slight_smile:

thanks for the ideas Daddymack!!


6gb :cry:

Thanks for the UV transfer for hi res… clever;)


I’m rigging!! Woo hoo!!!

Starting to skin everything and get all the controls I need for this guy. I’ll probably need to do some sort of animatic to get an idea of what kind of animation I can pull off for this.


Woohoo! A always enjoy rigging, he looks like a fun character to animate too…


I had my major components originally separated for uv’s but figured I needed to keep em all on one map so I can get the blend of rock and color correct without too much back and forth and trial and error.

I’m a little worried about the parts where the body lines up with the ball in the middle as well as the face and the textures will look since the uv’s are smaller for the body than the face/ball. But if my map is begin enough, it shouldn’t matter (I hope).

All uv’s are also transferred to my crazy hi-res meshes I have in my scene. Next is to finish up with the skinning and skinwrapping process. Then once I know that I can actually move this guy around, I’ll get back to textures.


This is my animation storyboard. I’ve got the character rigged and ready to go for animating, even have a couple cameras working. HOWEVER, it looks like regular work life is gonna get crazy really quick and my “off-hours” will now be “on-hours” for work instead of this challenge. I probably and most likely won’t have time to finish this competition. I may consider just finishing out a still illustration, but I may not even have time for that! DARNIT.

Oh well, we’ll see. There’s still a month and a half left or so on the challenge, so you never know right? Congrats to all my fellow competitors and all the best in finishing!!


hey nice work on the storyboard… the idea is definitly strange… show us more!

gd luck!


nice storyboard man. Keep em coming Sandpiper.


Fantastic boards! Well thought out and great storytelling shots, I can’t wait!



Brilliant! I think the second last shot is kinda crucial to communicate clearly because up until then he seemed to be going well in his mission and I think there really needs to be clear reason for the audience as to why he’s stopped;) Love the concept btw:thumbsup:


Well, I had a little time tonight to mess with this project again. Didn’t think I would, but thought I might as well. Who knows if i’ll take it past this step. My goal is to at least try to get out an illustration!


  1. The rock guy’s geometry is all low-res stuff. The hi-res I’ll pop in soon.
  2. That far right hand will have a polishing rag in it soon. He’s not really giving the ball the “finger”.
  3. I added a beret and a little artsy fu man chu (or at least I think that’s what it’s called) - I thought it would be more fun and show that he’s sculpting himself…

Thanks everyone for checking it out!


I like the concept and modelling details! Love modeling stones with Zbrush, but haven’t done anything nearly as detailed as that…
Keep it up and good luck! :slight_smile:


great looking mesh you’ve made. the first thing i was wondering was if you were going to use any particles or dynamics for tiny little chunks of rock to crumble away. would be a great effect if you could work it in. just a thought, though.

looking good on your progress…keep it up!



ok, I just finished a huge work project with my team here and I’m wondering if I have time to finish this challenge after all? I haven’t been on the forum for a while because of my work deadlines, but it looks like we got an extension to Nov 15? Is that right!?

I can at LEAST try to do a still image, eh?..


Would be cool to see a final from this ! Still or animation, whatever, WE WANT TO SEE HIM FINISHED !


A little start to build on. Got tons of texturing work to do and of course tons more work to do on lighting. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of putting him into an art studio environment or something which will probably make this lighting obsolete.


Haha yes an extension. Been going forever this challenge. I love the texture. Zbrush? Looks great


polypainting in Zbrush 3. Just trying to get the color hues and values down…then I’ll export it back to max.


This is my raw render i got for my illustration version of this project. I won’t be attempting the animation portion simply because of time. I’ll be working on cleaning up the image and adding a background in photoshop from here on out. More to come later…