Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


another view


closer in


Arm is looking like it’s a part of him now… there are some deep sulpts in there man. I’m wondering… can you render that HD geo detail to a displacement map etc as you would a standard sculpt? I’m yet to use it myself…


Great work man!

i love the arm and it’s detail.
just a little while and i’ll be back and posting more regular :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers and keep up the good work


[left]Awesome! Those arms look great Jesse! Great style and sculpting… I especially like the forearm detail, where there are some really deep gaps and grooves. They really make him look more like he’s made of rocks rather than rock shaped skin… you might try incorporating that elsewhere.[/left]

:thumbsup: Great progress!!! :thumbsup:


Excellent details !
You managed to find the good deformation to bring the illusion of rock !
Can you explain us, please, how you did it Jesse ?


DaddyMack: that’s the plan man! All this detail will be displaced in max when I render it up. That’ll be a whole lotta fun. :slight_smile:

Nothingness: Thanks! Now get back to work so you can give us some new posts!!

slangford: It’s funny, because I think that last shot with the deep cracks really just shows up better depending on the angle of light and all that. You’ll notice that it’s a weird angle I’m shooting that one from. So I’m gonna go over the rest of the model and check to see if I can give is some more groovy lovin. I may have to adjust my alpha map to make it work a bit better for that. If I used it too deep, it would make really bumpy areas in the raised areas…so yeah, it’ll get another round of attention so I can call the modeling done! :slight_smile: Gotta move onto the wonderful phase of texturing and getting this thing ready to “rumble”…

gpepper: Sure! I’d be glad to. Give me some time and I’ll try to put something together. Perhaps a little zbrush movie or an old school how-to session would suffice. :smiley:


Very nice modelling work. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Bonne chance!


added more deep cracks and some rakes


more cracks and rake details…


more details


HighDef modeling preview is turned off on these shots simply because I’m too impatient to calculate it at this point. Currently, this model as 101 million polygons. :wink: The arm will just be copied over and mirrored because apparantly you can’t mirror an object with subdivision levels and it won’t keep the HD content. Blech!

I am however using the newly updated ZB3.1 and it’s pretty sweet! Gotta new brush just in time for adding deeper cracks and crevices. I think it’s called Slash or something like that. Plus, i used the rake tool to add some little grooves here and there. All in all, I think I’m done with the main model, I still need to work on the rubble pile and random rocks on the floor around him. Oh and the sphere on the pedestal too! Anyway, I just went over the whole model and gave it more depth in certain areas and tried to push the depth more. I think it’ll come alive once it’s textured and lit and all that. I know it just looks like a pile of “something” right now!! :slight_smile:


double post


wow, lookin tight. can’t wait to see it lit and textured.


sweet work on the model mate…solid like stone (duh) btw, r u gonna stonify the other hands?.. will b waiting for the next update


bklark: thanks dude. I can’t wait to see it lit and textured too! :scream:

overcontrast: yeah, the other arms will just be duplicated in max. I would do it in zbrush, but the program won’t keep the detail and all that stuff unless I just delete all my lower sub-d’s…


Man! I am still waiting to see some details on this,…LOL I kid I kid! I can’t wait to see this fellow lit but it already pops right now, It has so many little attentions to cracks and details in it that I am playin the game I use to play when I was a kid finding faces in the stucco ceilings! It was fun then as a kid and its fun now doing the same thing with your awesome model!




heh! Thanks Don :slight_smile:

I’ve been researching how to export my HD detail I’ve been creating into max and after looking on zbrush’s forums I’ve learned that I won’t be able to use it in my displacement maps. Talk about a slap in the face. I’m going to try a couple of ideas that some other zbrush users had regarding this issue and see what I can get. Crossing my fingers…


Still having some issues getting the displacement to look right in the export process. It’s just not carrying across all the detail I put into the model, so I’m trying to a few more things to get it to work. Plus, I think I’ll use a cavity map to accent some of the detail even more and see what we can get from that. Hopefully, I’ll have something to show in the coming days (or weeks…)


Finally got this thing into Max. It’s a pretty heavy file now but it’s working ok so far. Displacement was not working for me from ZB3 and I wasn’t happy about the quality of map I was getting. Plus, I redid the uv’s so I can have a chance to work in photoshop on the textures and the uv’d morph target I imported into ZB3 kept inverting and doing weird things to the upper sub-d levels. So basically useless.

So my option was to give up, do a still in ZB3, or export a decent hi-res version of each of the pieces into max and work from there. So I chose the last option and have now figured out how to successfully utilize a skinwrap modifier on the hi-res version of an object that follows a skin modifier on the lowres animated version. Plus, I figured out how to get the uv’s to transfer to the hi-res from the low-res. All in all, I feel a lot better about being able to animate my character now and will have more updates as I continue on. I had a serious brick wall to climb over…

other arms will come next in addition to more textures, lighting, etc.