Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


Hey Jesse, cool concept, the new topologization looks good. Very comical character, look forward to seeing this progress!


Working on the body retopology now. Pretty fancy little tool ZBrush3 has created here. It’s allowed me to do a start of a sculpt at a hi-res so I can get my overall shape down and now I can make it have a decent polycount and edgeflow for animation later on. Love it.

More to come…I can only really work on this in spurts because of real life priorities! :slight_smile:


Ok, so I finally get to move on with the creative part of this project. Learned a lot about retopology in ZB3 though. Very cool and quite a timesaver. :slight_smile:

More updates will come to the model as I finally get to progress. Stay tuned!!


Looking forward to it man!! GO GO GO! See ya tomorrow.

I am thinking of just spending the night here LOL.



Blocking in medium detail.


Blocking in medium detail.


Blocking in medium detail.


Blocking in medium detail.


Blocking in medium detail.


Really nice modeling Jesse man… Looking Dope. cant wait to see more. :thumbsup: :buttrock:


more lower body progress…churning


more medium detailing


really funny idea, and such a great use of Zbrush. The modeling is really accurate.
looking forward for more.


Thats got to be the prettiest pile of rocks Ive ever seen! The grey shader really helped. Did you try the rough chisel look yet around the edge of the smooth part yet?



Glad you like my pile o’ rocks! :slight_smile: It’s more like a big solid rock with chunks all over… Right now I’m focusing on getting all the major “blocking” in first, then I’ll go back through the whole thing (eek) and add the fine details, complete with chipping, chiseling, cracks, divets, etc.

Should be…uh, fun?


Time to sculpt in the arm-body transitions…I’m thinking about giving the arms more of a treeroot treatment as opposed to rocky. I wonder if that would not make sense though since there is no tree in the model? Perhaps I could add one…hmmmm…


Looking Fresh! Great detail and great design, I love the rock modeling so much that I say you carry that into the arms too, the tree idea is cool too, but I just really am diggin the job on the modelling of the rocks!



Looks cool !
Next things please Jesse !


Rock Solid! yo man excellent progress. I think I agree with Don about carrying some of the rock texture into the arms maybe just very subtly at the top or something. Rock on! :buttrock:


Excellent! But considering his face is all rocks… I agree that he should have at least some rocks along his arms. Maybe mishape and deform them some considering he trying to make himself pretty, he should be really nasty to begin with. At any rate, great jog so far!