Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


Yo, Jesse cool start on the modeling, so looks right on with the concepet to me. Curious to see how you model the parts where the gold and rock meet each other. I’ll keep checkin it out man… Think I’ll get started with mine Tuesday.


progress so far…


Obviously I decided not to go with the mesh insert route. I messed with it for a while and didn’t feel like I was going to get the results I wanted. So I resorted back to manual good ol’ fashioned hand sculpting for this one. I gotta say that it is a bit more rewarding this way and I have a lot more control than just bringing in chunks of simple shapes and pushing pulling. It feels like more of an organic process even though it’s a bit tedious. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m just laying in detail as I go along. I wanted everyone to kind of getting an idea of what the rock surface would look like in it’s simplest form and get away from the blobby look that seems to be confusing people. My process right now is to work on certain selected areas at a time rather than do the whole thing pass by pass (which is actually the way I usually work). So far, working on large areas at a time seems to keep me from getting overwhelmed and it let’s me feel like I’m getting somewhere.

His face will have some rock detail in it also so it blends better than what you see here. Also, I’ll give more attention to the edge that circles the face so that it blends better and it doesn’t look so obvious as a model seam.

More to come… :smiley:


Nice progress Jesse! :thumbsup:

But I was wondering… He’s looks like hes made of a lose pile of rocks. If hes sculpting a sphere out of himself- shouldn’t he be alittle more solid form? Like one bigger rock.
Also, the face and arms being different than the rock body, makes him seem like a blob guy with rocks sticking to him… maybe something more along the lines of the ‘RockBiter’ from the ‘Neverending Story’

Anyway…keep it up! great job! you can do it! all the way! etc!


great question/crit slangie…

I wanted this guy to look a little more chunky than a solid piece of rock, so I’m going to be blending the solid look with more rocky chunks. Areas where he’s already carved out will gradiate and blend into the sphere itself. I’m really wanting to give him varying levels of detail and coarseness so he looks really elemental.

At this phase in the project, you’re gonna be seeing more layered efforts so everything will eventually blend itself out and work together as one nice happy family.

As far as the arms and face go, they will also have a rock/stone look to them as opposed to looking like bits being swallowed up by rock. They’ll blend in with the surrounding rock and hopefully it will look as if it all came from one rock. Make sense?


Oh I figured you had it all planned out :D… but I thought I should say something now incase you didnt. Ya know… just incase. Cant wait to see how it comes out…



No problem at all! I’m sure that you may have helped to answer some other people’s question about my concept in the process, so it’s a good thing eh? :slight_smile:


More face progress…this is still in progress so more detail will come as I go.


lookin good jesse!
Were you plannin on texturing him in zbush? Or you gonna try and unwrap it?


most likely zbrush texturing, but I think I’ll bring him over to max and unwrap him and reimport into zbrush…or I could let zbrush do the unwrapping for me. :slight_smile:


good progress Jesse… it should start to really come together when you add grainy details, and cracks and stuff.


Looking great so far man,

but i would think that the difference in the rocks is too little. Now you are looking at the head alone, and in the whole it will be less interesting. Maybe you fear the poly’s will be messed up too much (places with few polys and places with too many polys) but that’s why i think you need a retopology asap :wink:

i would seggest doing the modeling on a rough basis, do a retopology with the rocks and all modeled in (very low is good enough) and then go on to detail.

cheers and good luck

ps. i’m very direct since i have spend 3 to 4 days making a setup and starting over and over again. Damn it is so hard. But i think i’m comming there. Then i’ll do some zbrushing myself.


yeah i forgot:

when you retopologies (or whatever) you will also have a better number of polys around the sides of the bick rocks. Cause i think it is there where you need a lot of detail.



Ok Jesse… where’s the updates?? :bounce:


I’m starting over! :banghead:

I got a little ahead of myself and was approaching this project in a purely illustrative mode when I needed to get going with more of an animation friendly start. So I’m doing some backstepping and getting this rolling in a better way. Plus, haven’t had any personal time in a while to work on it. :shrug:


Starting over? As in whole new concept… or just starting over with the modeling?:eek:


Oh just starting over the modeling process and scene setup. :slight_smile:


Here’s my progress on the retopology of the face. I’ll expand it out further, but I got the hard part done!! :slight_smile:


it will be interesting to see this mountain in action :slight_smile:
good luck)


This is going to be fantastic, I look forward to seeing all that detail you modeled lit and with a rocking texture map!