Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


Yeah, I see your point there. Once I get to 3D land, I think the scale and proportion will play itself out better. I’m really looking forward to sculpting this out in ZBrush. Genius tool for I want to do with this. More to come in 3D soon…once I start. :slight_smile:


Absolutely brilliant concept. Love it and agree with will be a killer animation! Good luck!


3D !
when Jesse ? We are waiting !:slight_smile:


gonna start today at lunch! I’m pretty pumped, although I’ll be more in the mode of setting up proper proportions and composition and all that first…


Wow, very original idea, and indeed strange behavior - trying to be something that you are not. How many people and how many time did-and-do it again and again!

Love it very much! Can’t wait for 3D implementation!

Good luck!


Nice idea, I’ll be watching for sure!

Good luck!


You know Im keeping an eye on this one. :slight_smile:


Hey man, cool concept! Just came across it, didnt know you were in this… Makes me wanna enter. Cool work:thumbsup:


The more the merrier Jason. :slight_smile: It’s good exercise!!


I’ve blocked out the body and have started to sculpt the face in. Trying to get a feel for the personality right now. Plus, I kept the eye and tongue separate just in case I decide to animate that stuff…I haven’t really got an idea for what my animation detail will be…

Click here for higher res


Looks cool Jesse !
You already put him with expression. Are you going to give him any facial animation ?


Maybe. I’m not sure yet. Depends if I have time to go all out. I figure I can always make morph targets off this current face. Good question though! I really hope I can do some nice animation with this instead of just a camera move.


hello Sandpiper, very intersting idea, i’m very curious to view the next stage:thumbsup:


Just starting to block in the overall blob of the thing. The main body form you see there will be the guideline for my mesh inserts of different rock shapes that kinda match the concept art. Then I’ll take those and sculpt out to work with the flow of the character so he isn’t just a bunch of chunks. Should look cool - if I do it right. :wink:


Ahhh… someone has been busy! Great progress, keep it up! :thumbsup:


The main form seems good but you’ll keep the hard edge like of your initial setch ? I know that’s not the simpliest thing on Zbrush (maybe easier avec version 3, I don’t now it yet).

Good luck.


Awsome concept, and your model is holding up to your sketch so well. Really cool idea!!


Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

To answer the question about the hard edges, yes, I will be modeling him just like the concept. This blobby form you see now will be more or less the area I “trace” over to put in the chunks. I"ll be using the meshinsert feature in zb3. It lets me bring in any model and add it to my current model. I can move, rotate, and scale each and every piece to my liking and once I get them all situated, I can custom sculpt them even more by adding sculptural details and blending it all together. It’s going to be a lengthy process but the fastest way to do it as far as I can see…:thumbsup:


Great start on the modeling !

not sure your intention, but maybe you should considder a retopology of the face. Not that it is bad, but it would be a good thing in my opinion. Will also make it easyer when wanting to animate this.



yeah, I’m anticipating a bit of retopo for the face because it’s a bit organic at this point. The lowres mesh of the lips does this weird twist thing halfway through so I’ll have to correct that as well. So you’re definitely right, I’ll have to hit that later on.