Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer


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Here we go!!! Let’s see if I can actually finish this one…

my concept image will come soon. I’ve already thought of it (shew!) so I will develop the quick illustration in the coming week.

This’ll be a fun one eh? :slight_smile:


This is my first step with my concept process. I thought of the initial idea (which I’ll get into in a bit) and then I started sketching rough blocked out silhouettes of what I was seeing in my mind. This is what my final blocked idea looked like.


This is the second part of the idea process for me. I’ll take that really rough block of an idea and refine it a little more.


This is the final thumbnail of the concept that I will then take to a final concept at a larger size. My main idea was to get the personality of the concept in this thumbnail.


Here’s my final concept in line art mode. I started with a blue pencil and built it up into what I considered to be the completed design. Then I took black pen and went over the whole thing and gave it a cleaner look. It’s still rough as I’m no concept artist. :slight_smile: That’s why I’ll be doing this in 3D.

The idea behind this concept is that this little creature is trying is hardest to look as handsome as that little sphere in his hand. He’s holding it up high as a reference to himself while he makes his best effort to sculpt himself into that sphere with his other arms. I think it’ll be a fun concept to sculpt in ZBrush and should have a lot of personality once I’m done! :slight_smile:


great concept man.
why didn’t i think of this? :twisted:

only little comment: maybe put the sphere on a little high chair that is at the right of him (in front of thee small pile of rocks) and let him hold a pencil or something and mesure the sphere like they do when drawing somebody. I think this would make it much more clear he is sculpting himself into that sphere.

just a thought :buttrock:



AWESOME. I’ll take you one step further…tell me what you think about this:

Have another arm come out of him and hold up the pencil between his face and the sphere. That way he stays in this mode of being completely self-examining…

But I do like the idea that he is a sculptor looking at a “model” on a stool and is sculpting himself in that way…man, which way do I go??

great stuff Nothingness


your extra arm is a good sollution, but nobody holds the object they draw of sculpt. So i think it’s more natural to put it on a chair. Maybe even with a furry rug or something to make the sphere lie comfortable.

either way should work. With the sphere in the hand, you could have a little more to animate if you were planning this.



Ok, I’ve added a little bit to the concept now after getting some excellent creative advice from Nothingness. This definitely helps to tell the story I’m going for here. Off to color land!!


Ok, this is the quick color version of this “strange” idea of mine. Who knows what color the whole thing will end up being…that’ll be something I can play with once I get to 3D land. Kinda unintentionally looks like hunks of chocolate right now…mmmmm chocolate.


Haha, thats very good. What I think would be good is on the animation is it starts off just a view of the clump thing hacking away at himself and then gradully moves out wards so you get the whole picture


hey Jesse, the concept sketch looks realy cool.
Cheers man !


love the idea


Great sketch! I like your concept!



Andrew-101: Yeah, that’s kinda right in line with what I was thinking too. Kind of a slow reveal as to what’s going on. Perhaps starting on the stool and sphere and seeing clumps piling up on the floor, hearing sounds in the background, some grunts, etc.

I’m thinking that animating this wacky thing is going to take some serious effort in order to make it convincing and true to the concept. That’s why I’m glad we have almost four months on this thing!!

AndreiSzasz, RhyderKey, DogMan3d: Thanks a lot! I’m glad the concept is understood. :slight_smile:


Wow. Very original concept. I love it. What is in his left hand ?


GReat concept :thumbsup:

only little remark: the pensil looks better as thick as it is in the last one. The thin one is too thin. But i would make it stick out at the bottom side of the hand so you can see clearly it’s a pencil.

cheers and much fun


authentic: I’m not sure which hand you are referring to, but there’s a pickaxe in one, a pencil in another, a polishing rag in another, and the last one is picking off chunks. :slight_smile:

Nothingness: Yeah, I drew the big pencil in there for the same reason. The previous one looked too tiny. I didn’t feel like extending out the business end of the pencil in the last drawing because I got lazy. :shrug:


Yes, great concept and very cool to see your progress of the concept sketch. When I saw the first one, the black stain, I thought "hey I’m not the worst sketcher afterall :twisted: " but than I scrolled down and noticed the progress and I was humbled again. :wink:

I thought it looked more like ‘rock’ but when you said ‘chocolate’… it somehow did start to look tasty.

I have one ‘small’ comment, I guess it’s just me, but I think the size of the first ball made the situation more obvious/clear. Now it’s a bit like he’s trying to make himself like that ‘small’ orb rather than perfectly round.

Anyway, I look forward to see the 3D version!