Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jamie Churchman


Jamie Churchman is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Modeling: boy06


Roughing out first character


Here is the first part of previs. I’ll update the scene as things progress forwards. I can tell you it involves a unicorn (for the ladies), a small boy, a graveyard in the desert and a patch of grass. Tis strange behaviour indeed.


working on the face, ears. might make the crown smaller, seems a little huge. anyone?


what a suspens on the concept :scream:

Jhonus, the modeling is really great. I like the topology and style of the boy. It’s a awesome start dude !
the crown is great to me, it give the boy a sad, fugitive dirty look. Overall it depend on the feeling you want to give it to him.

I’ll follow this thread to see the next step.


Continuing to update the previs scene, which will slowly morph into the final thing. Added the new boy mesh with a rough pose using the awesome tranpose tool in zbrush3. Also blocked in a few more details the scene requires.

Swed: thanks for your comments, i’ll refine the boy some more for the next update


nice modeling you’ve made…i like the model of the boy, the plastic is very good…interesting to me is what the story will go around.


Thanks Asparta!

Just begun blocking out the boys clothing which is all a few sizes too big for him. Medieval-ish style armour. Metal hat and metal breastplate with leather straps, linen(?) shorts and leather sandles.

His body proportions have been adjusted since last update too.

C&C welcome. Might adjust the helmet shape a bit. Early stages i guess.


That looks very solid, dude!
I’m curious about the story!
What application are you working with next to zBrush?


Detailing the helmet a bit. Needs more edge definition I think. Fightin it

macling: i’m using maya with zbrush. i think your doing an ace number1 job on your characters.


nice modeling job mate… i like he forms u chosed!


Great start, I like the modeling very much !


I can’t wait to see this completed. I really like his expression.


great modeling johanes, and thx for the thumbs up.


nice work the helmet looks great, waiting to see full model.
keep it up.


Slow on the updates recently. Remodeled the helmet as I wasn’t entirely happy with the form, was a bit lumpy and melted. Redid the base mesh using the crease function in zbrush to maintain sharper edges. Added circular pattern along the lower edge.

Began work on the shorts.

Thanks for the comments, they keep me motivated! Feel free to make any suggestions or crits. :beer:


Holy moly I haven’t updated in ages. Only 29days left.


excellent character. Very stylish.


Nothing to crit. Your model is just awesome.:thumbsup:


Very nice job. Nice work on the details.