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Lo everyone this is the first challenge I have ever done and im doing it mostly for myself just to see how far I can get in realising an idea. I’m looking forward to learning a lot. My idea is a fairly simple one and might have been done before but here i go anyway.

Why tin men/robots don’t swim
For now i just have an image in my head of a robot/tin man wearing water wings and an inflatable rubber ring around him. Obiously he is preparing himself for going for a swim. This in itself is pretty strange behavior as of course if he gets wet he is going to rust and theres no certainty that he won’t sink even with all the swimming tools to keep him afloat.

As for the actually animation in this I have two options depending on what I have time for.

The first is just to have the tin/robot man with rubber ring etc testing some water with his feet. Walks off screen and then runs back into frame and jumps into the water which is off screen. We hear the noise of the splash and a few splashes of water come into the screen.

The second is to have a similar beginning to this but to actually see the tin/robot man trying to get out of the water. As he walks to get out of the water we pan along beside him and at certain points we see golden/bronze shapes occluding our view of him. As he walks further he rapidly begins to rust and as camera pulls out we see that the water is full of rusted statuesc figures which were obiously doing thwe same thing and have also all rusted.

Anyway thats the basic idea, now i just need to design my character. I think its a fairly simple premise but hopefully it could be good. Little bit of humor and little bit sad if i do the second version. Either way its definatly what i would call strange behavior.


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