Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Greg Jackson


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Did a little more to the water


I am new to these competitions and I do not know many people. So all who come to read this, Good Luck!


Just something I had in my mind, and needed to put on paper before I forgot.

A ladybug having a nice time in an onsen with some drinks (miniture sized that is ^ ^)!

I’ll do some more work on the concept of course ^ ^


Just getting a feel for the layout.

Wondering if the camera distance is too great or not.

Anyway, i’m working on it ^ ^


Lovely concept! Lady bug at a spa :slight_smile:
The distance seems a bit far I think - but you could always do a zoom in after showing the overview, right?


Thanks Gunilla!

I noticed that you can’t really see what’s going on. I have got a closer view at the moment, but I am not sure it is the final view. But I will post it later tonight :thumbsup:


Another Update.

Changed the camera view to get a close up of the ladybug, so you can actually see what is happening.

And yes, I realise that the shell looks like an orange ^ ^

I’m working on various things, so there is a lot of work to be done.
I was really trying to get the feel of earth soil, but haven’t see gotten far yet :slight_smile:


moving along nicely By the look of it :thumbsup:

looks like you going down to the micro level? maybe try Depth of field and camera focus setting. Just an idea All up nice work, good luck :thumbsup:


Thanks T4D!Thanks for the info. I will definitly add some dof and other cool settings now that you mention it.

As for the micro level, I am trying to do that, although getting that exact feel that I want is proving a little tough.

Anyway, thanks for the input, it is much appreciated! :smiley:


Hi all. Another update.

I have done more work on the earth detail and the lighting. It is proving difficult because general soil is very dark, and makes the image too dark. So I have been trying to get the feel just right before I move on. It still isn’t 100% to my taste but it’s making progress.

I have been going very slow due to me looking for work at the moment (we all got to pay rent I guess).

Anyway, I’ll soon be moving on to the grass o.0

p.s. oh and yes… I noticed I forgot to texture her head…


I just fixed the water to make the scene feel a little more complete.

I’m still not too sure if a ladybug would make such small ripples in such a small onsen. I think they might be bigger in comparison. Still working on it lol!


Hello everyone.

I’m just posting to say that in the next week or two I am moving back to Durban, South Africa.
So work will be a little slow coming out, especially as I will not have a computer nor programe to work on it for a while :eek:

So, for now adios amigos. Wish me luck, I’ll need it to get working on this project again soon!

And for the rest of you. Incase, I wish you all the very best of luck. You are all talented people who will one day make it big! And good luck with the competition :applause:


Looking good so far - I really like the soil texture. I’d like to see some more development in thee story.


Hi all. I finally got to Durban! :thumbsup:

But… me being the idiot I normally am… left all of my work on my desktop in the UK and forgot to transfer it to my laptop for backup…

Sooo… I am sorry to say. I have to leave this competition. Mods/Admin feel free to remove this topic, as there is nothing I can do to it unfortunatly.

To the rest, i have been following ALL of your progress, and I definitly like with what I can see.

To all:
Keep up the work, think straight, have insane amounts of coffee but most of all, have fun :scream:
Greg - Over and out.


are you challenger or not? that really interests me! think of it! cheerz!


Quite interesting. Keep on doing! I like the rocks colour.


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