Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: florin zaharia


thank you guy


I like the idea, very nice
and the horse is a great model.


Congratulations! It was a whole story! Thank you for the moments! :slight_smile:


thank you
i don’t why Riva FLV encoder enhanced the contrast


He he, funny idéa! Suprice ending!


thank you man


hey, great idea, big props for getting so much done so quickly.

good luck


thank you man


Hi, Florin! Nice job you’ve done! I like the story, the way you are telling it, music/rythm, and I found very inspired the use of artist workshop and the rotoscope/zoetrope thing!:thumbsup:

Just one suggestion if you don’t mind! You can use intertitles as in silent films for the title and credits instead of 3D camera movement.

All my best,


thanks mirela

first i thought about using intertitles but i made the animation on the music rythm and i gave up intertitles in order not to distroy the rythm


i like this end…
hahahaha a little cromma key… Good idea!!


thank you tomas


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

I worked some details at animation and light

Play Video >>


nice concept and wonderful animation!!!


Thanks ralph


pretty clever idea and concept. nice texture work on your wood guy and the horse.
the music seems fitting to the animation, too. good work getting your entry done.


Maybe I’m wrong. I think the part and the background needs to be painted black instead of white…?


don’t k now how i missed this as a WIP.
this is gorgeous, execution and concept.
totally my favorite piece so far.


Very nice original concept. I like it a lot -smiles- Good luck!



thank u very much, i apreciate the nice words

chiko14june actualy it is suposed to be white as white on film becomes transparent