Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Fabio Bautista


Software: 3ds max

some of rigging/skinning work, including a modified biped, additional bones for rocket control and control splines for face and belly deformations

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nwiz25: Hi Neville, I’m glad you like my work… thanks a lot to your nice comment:thumbsup:

infoarq: Thanks mate, really nice words… it’s motivating:thumbsup:


i like your character. have you done any of the animation yet? i’m guessing you are pretty glad we got that extension, huh. can’t wait to see the final animation. should be pretty cool.


Wow thats a great rig Max :slight_smile: Nice work. Rigged belly, great stuff haha. Looking forward to the final. Feels like we’ve been doing this for years


Software: 3ds max

First animation attempt…

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yes, it´s a great flight…

cool animation, in special little details… Motor Rotation (i love the little detais)
and high render quality.



Excellent ! I love it !
I hope you will finish a great scene !


r1-381, Tricks, infoarq, gpepper: Thank you guys!:thumbsup: , now I’m working on the shots of the animation, the final render and composition… I hope finish it soon!


Hey Fabio, this is awesome my friend!! The flight is full of life!! I love it!! Really incredible and superb work!! and i cant wait to see your finale!! Cheers my friend!! :beer:


How can I have missed this. It’s absolutely fantastic work.:eek:

Can’t wait to see the finished animation.



I like your pinguins. I’m curious about how it will developpe.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop,ZBrush

The dream of penguins has been to be able to fly and finally this one achieved that… THE GREAT FLIGHT

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glad you got your piece submitted in time. everything is modeled so well. so what did you do to make that terraing? was that vue?
whatever it was, looks pretty realistic.


The character is amazing ! He deserves everything ! What a pity that you did’nt have more time to do a better environment.
Anyway, your entry is great just for this little flying pinguin!
Great job Fabio !


Well, thanks to all who support me and visit my entry… :cool:thanks to your nice words and I hope you had enjoyed my work as much as I enjoyed creating it… :thumbsup:

Ferx: Hi Fernando…Leo finally could fly and made his dream come true… Thanks to your words once more my friend!.. mucha suerte y felicidades por ese gran trabajo!:beer:

Russel-Nash: Thanks Russel…:thumbsup: do not wait more, the animation is finished

fruela: Hey Javier… I’m glad you liked the penguin, thank you!:thumbsup:

r1-381: Thanks, I’m rather tired but I’m very happy to finish in time…:smiley: the terrain was done in max with dreamscape

gpepper: Thanks a lot Gilles…:thumbsup: I really would liked to have more time for fine tune some details but at least I could finish it…:scream:


Hey Fabio, this is a really really cool animation !! wooowww. I love the great flight!! Your character design its simply superb!! The idea and the development for it, is an awsome journey and a great experience!! Congratulations Fabio for this awesome art work my friend!! Best of luck!!

(Increible trabajo Fabio, todo tu diseño y concepto es impecable y magnífico!! Felicidades y se que te va ir muy bien en la votación ! Suerte y ahora si viene bien una botella de aguardiente y muchas cervezas bien frías :smiley: Salud amigo !! :beer: )


Thanks mate…:thumbsup: I’m happy, I finished uploading minutes before deadline… I thought not having time but finally I done it and the challenge was over for us, for now… time to have some fun…we deserve it!:beer:

Here’s a full video with better quality

P.D. Unos tequilas nos vendrían mejor, salud!!!:beer:


Glad you made the deadline Max, would have been a shame. Cool piece, the texturing and modeling is very nice. Landscape is well done too. Yes time for a break and some fun :wink:


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