Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Fabio Bautista


Thanks Bernardo, it’s nice to see you here!.. yes, I used dreamscape for the bg…
I wish you good luck, too!:thumbsup:


Hey Fabio, great enviorment for Leo !! really cool !! Perhaps a bit more peaks on the top of the rocks, but its only a personal thing :smiley: Leo model is awesome my friend !! I love his goggles! great touch !! and cant wait to watch the Leo´s great flight !! Mucha suerte amigo!! :beer:


Great work so far! I kind of prefered the cartoony look of the character at first stages,though… I suppose it´s just a matter of likes, anyway. cool stuff here!


Here’s some of the texturing work… Diffuse maps were done in zbrush and photoshop… ambient occlusion, specular and bumps maps are combined to produce some effects in diffuse map… normal maps were created from geometry details in zbrush


…and this is the final shading/texturing for the penguin Leo


great textures, in special straps… (high level texturing)


Hey, Fabio, where are you ? What about your animation ? Will you be able to finish in time ?


This is just a test with the textured penguin…
I’m still working on the rocket texturing


Ferx: Thank you again for the support Fernando… you are right about the mountains and I will make some changes on it:beer:

harachte: Hi Raul, the design of the character was initially cartoony but I wanted to make a scene with a mix of realistic and caricature look… thanks to your comment:thumbsup:

infoarq: Thanks Tomas, it’s hard but rewarding work…good luck with your entry:thumbsup:

gpepper: Hi Gilles…about animation, I don’t think to finish it, so just I will do a camera fly-around:argh:


This pingouin is really a success. I really imagine him in movment.


This is going to be an awesome finish! Best of luck!


authentic: Hey Vincent, I hope to see him flying soon!:thumbsup:

Hiun: Thanks Kamal, I wish you good luck too:thumbsup:


Here’s some of texturing work for the rocket…


well, this is a render test for the Leo’s rocket…


nice texture work. i also like your penguin. why did you decide to pass on the fur? he looks great without it. will look neat to see that rocket on his back.


it seems that this penguin will fulfill his dream to fly…





r1-381: thanks man… about the fur, I decided not use it and focus me in others aspects as the environment and animation

infoarq: Hey thank you, I appreciate it


good lord!! :eek: i totally missed this thread!! :banghead: … out of this world man!! loved each and every post! very informative and a treat for the senses! your texturing skills rock big time! :buttrock::bowdown: :applause:
i wish you good luck my friend! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


it´s only true…

I think… Paint a good textures is an Art…

and you made it easy…