Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Fabio Bautista


sweet rocket pack you got there!


Hi Casey, I’ve still some details to finish it:thumbsup:


Well, here’s the rocket model finished. I added more details… another gas tank, a control panel, analog meters, tubes and other parts…

next step: unwrapping and texturing


Real nice!
What about a parachute, so he’s ready for everything? And maybe some sardins for the trip? I guess he’s up for a long trip. he he. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see moore!


Just a modeling update… Leo and his rocket


The engine looks just fantastic… Show us the penguin and machine textured… and the background…! :applause:


Hey, Roger these are good ideas…:slight_smile: I hope to try some! …I had already thought about the parachute… Thanks!:thumbsup:


This is beautiful work. Lovely modelling:thumbsup:


I love your flying penguin. Nice work!


hey this is excellent stuff. The penguin and the engines are really nice. I’m very impressed by your unwrapping work on the penguin too. That was beautiful clean work. :thumbsup: I’m definitely keen to see how this one continues


awesome rocket backpack Fabio!


Pro work on the penguin and his gear:thumbsup: Congrats


npantic: Thank you man… I’m working on the textures and I hope to finish it soon

Hiun, agou, DaddyMack: Thanks a lot for the comments. I’m glad you like my work!

mdavid: Hey Mark, I’m happy to hear that… There’s short time left for the deadline and I hope to finish in time

digital-bobert: Hi Bobby, I’m very glad you like it!



here’s the first test with fur…


that is looking real good. adds a whole lot more to him. i’ve never really messed w/ fur…but it looks like it could be fun!


Hey Fabio, woooow awesome work mate!! Superb rocket and the Leo´s character design its simply cool!! you rock! :buttrock: Cheers!! :beer:

(Fabio, gran concepto y gran ejecución, me quito el sombrero :slight_smile: Mucha suerte !! y por aqui seguiremos para apoyarte :smiley: )


Here’s the background i’ve been working… i created a displacement map to distort geometry, then i used procedural shaders and masking to create surface


r1-381: Thanks again man…:thumbsup:

Ferx: Hi Fernando! Thank you for drop by…I’m really glad you’re liking
gracias y suerte igualmente!!:beer:


hey, nice landscape and the model of the penguin is very nice too! i like it because it doesnt look very smart but quite crazy haha
anyways, are you using dreamscape or something like that for the mountains?
it looks quite interesting =)
good luck with your entry and have fun!


I added some detail in zbrush, then time to rigging-skinning work and finally the penguin model is finished!
ready to animate…