Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Fabio Bautista


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Latest Update: Final Render: THE GREAT FLIGHT



Hi everyone!!

Here’s a quick illustration of my idea for this challenge… The dream of penguins has been to be able to fly and finally this one achieved that…

>>The Flight of the Penguin<<


Excellent idea mate!! :thumbsup: This thread is a must watch :slight_smile:


Well, I decided to change the project name by “The Great Flight”…it seems more suitable

here’s Leo, the starring character: Leo is a young penguin looking for new emotions to experience… he has always wanted to fly then he build a rocket to achieve his dream…


Hi Fabio

funny idea, i guess is very good for animation, good luck.

suerte!!! tratare de estar pendiente de tu WIP.


theblahblah, sadrack… thanks guys… good luck to you too!


I start modeling a basic shape of penguin, then, step by step, I added details to the face and body …still lot of work


What a daring penguin this is :slight_smile:


just a modeling update…


Nice character, I love it. Good luck to you!


SEMSAHMER: this is a very daring and clever penguin, thanks for comment:thumbsup:

vallypopescu: I glad you like it… good luck too:thumbsup:


Well, here’s another update on Leo… UV unwrapping and ready for textures


Hey nice modeling Maxter :slight_smile: Did you use pelt or something for the UV wrapping, or is it manual? And your lighting rig for the render is nice, that yours? Good work.


Very good and clean unwrap! Very pro!


hi Fabio,

Nice concept, and hope to see the bg soon,
The camera work shall addup strenth to your idea.
all the best…



Trickz: thanks man… I use max and unfold for unwrapping… for lighting I use one area spot and a skylight with mental ray and final gather:thumbsup:

varma: Hey Mathias, thanks for visit my thread!:cool:

pixelpiyan: Hi Arumugam, i hope to work in the environment soon…good luck with your entry:thumbsup:


cool penguin, very cute ;p :thumbsup:


I’ve been a bit busy with work but here’s a small update…
This is just the first test with base colors trying to find a good balance


the beginning of the rocket model…

Versiden: I’m glad you like it. Thanks for the comment!:slight_smile:


A small update on the rocket, there’s still more to finish…