Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Dariusz Sebastian Burdon


Hey, very much love your entry! That movie looks so neat and tender, smooth, that I almost regret that it will end in horror :slight_smile: . But for sure the contrast will be greater then!

Oh and shading/colours are superb!


This time I would like to show you few meshes and textures. First of all little girls and her final mesh and bones. As I said before the girl has 121 bones in total. Hair and skirt are also rigged.
Here are textures and uvw maping of the girl and walls:








Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop,VRay

This is the biggest upload so far. Everything is animated except 1 last shot. I am recording sounds and voices for the animation. My fiance is very helpfull here. She will give voice to the little girl. I am still waiting for last shots to be rendered. I will add one more shot that will close animation. Unfortunately i might not have time for depth of field. But than again… there are still few days left.
Enjoy the clip.

Play Video >>


that was cool!


yeah, that was pretty good.


If you 555 am…?

That’s cool mate! LOL! Some of the anims and shading changes are not the best, but a whole story and as i see you have the tools to express yourself. Perhaps a bit dark for this audience here, but am a fan of these. Congratulations! As those numbers flopping on the carpet…It’s a devil’s day’s jackpot :slight_smile: OMG i have to watch Exorcist again :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


nice girl, i want a daughter like that!..nice animation, i love the illumination, keep progresing!:smiley:


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop,VRay

Thank you all for kind words. Here you can watch latest version of animation. I will add two more shots in the end where the girl cries. This one is without sound. I am still working on it.


Play Video >>



i like this anim. in special slow motion…



Cool :slight_smile: The texture blends are great, how’d ya do that? :slight_smile:


You’ve got some great shots here, I am a vray user myself, I have also tried to animate in Vray. my last vray anime was about 5 minutes within less about a month time with 8 machines, the average timing vs quality per image i managed to get was about minimum 30 minutes per image (maybe similar to your girl’s room). i was wondering how many minutes did you use on rendering each images and how many computers did you use, especially when you know you will be risking your project for good quality animation.

nice animation, keep it up :smiley:

you can see a quick preview of some shots from the video here:


For bottom of walls it is an animated mask form videocopilot Riot Gear FX other is animated noise mask.

@Icelemon. Each frame takes about 15 minutes. some frames are less. I render on 64bit Intel 2.40GHz. Company for which I work (Rock Hunter) lets me render over night if there are any available computers so I have from 1 to 5 computers available. I think 15 min per frame is not bad. If in the shot there is only girls head or we cant see much else I usualy hide everything except main objects and compose it later in after effects. I am glad you like my renders :slight_smile:


very good work, especially I like the start when she comes in so cheerfully


Hi! Good idea with those 666 blocks;)

My five cents:
Try to add music:
“My life” by Dido
this piece should reach its end when girl starts changing
then some spooky sound should fade in like start of “50cc” by Journeyman
and in the end go back to “My life”
I heard that, and it goes really kewl, and think artist let u use sounds in ur short.

Good luck!



@ania Thanks a lot. I appreciate your comment :slight_smile:

@Jana69 I am working on the sounds at the moment. It is almost finished. Sound makes such a huge difference to this animation. I am also adding depth of filed to several shots.
I shall submit it all today or tomorrow.



great job so far, it’s coming along really nicely. Some parts a bit disturbing, but I’ve always had problems with eyes and sharp objects… hehe… Brrrr!

keep up it man ;p


Hey chillout! Don’t rush! Got plenty of time! And … watch ur keyboard! :wink:


think main jpg should also be changed into something … catchy? … u know…

and lettering! dont trust fonts found on pc! :wink:

let me doublepost last time…


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop,VRay

My entry is finaly finished after 13 hours in front of the monitor today, I am proud to show you final animation.
I am very happy that I can stop working on it and get some sleep :slight_smile: It was hard work to accomplished this mission. I have spent almost every evening and weekend on it. My avrage time of going to bed was 2 am and than 7 oclock wake up to go to work. All that makes me even more happy that it is finished and I am satisfied with the result.

Animation is entitled Devil’s Jackpot. It lasts 2 minutes and 24 seconds.
I strongly recommend to download a high quality version at this link:
I will soon upload quicktime verison. It will be available at:

I would like to thank everyone for kind comments and feedback. It is my first CG Challange and I truly enjoyed participating.

I look forward to your comments on final animation with sound.

Play Video >>


Excellent stuff! I must say the sound gives nice atmospher to it…! Dont worry, it looks good even if it is somewhat compressed!

About working nights… yea I unterstand you fully… I will be also happy when i upload my animation (just now I am creating FLV for final anim)… and tired to death also…