Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Dariusz Sebastian Burdon


Here is little girl before and after she turns evil. After the turn she will also have straight hair.
enjoy :slight_smile:


nice going with the girl buddy… IMO when the girl turns evil her shoes can follow the pattern. Like making then grow some pointy teeth and stuff just make em look evil… just my 2 cents… keep up the good works… i’m loving it!


oh!..nice work…that little girl looks really evil…:eek:


Thanks guys. I appreciate that. :slight_smile:


That’s incredible great style! I really like it! It’s both exiting and colorful, with a cute
sense of shading work, especially on the teddy and the girl!
This thread turn out just great, I’m sure!


nice job on the texturing so far. I like the evil version of the girl, quite goth ;p


Thanks a lot Versiden and Varma. I feel much more motivated now :slight_smile:


This is more or less the room. I will add curtains later on. This image can give you an idea what will the room look like. I don’t need more furnitures. Animation will be focused only in back part of the room. Now I will start rigging which is not my favourite part :slight_smile:


looking good, I think u can add more to the atmosphere, maybe some volume light from the windows… have u seen silent hill? good inspiration I think


just what i was thinking…yeah…volume ligth that will be great!..keep going!:scream:


melkao, Versiden> good idea I think I will work on that :slight_smile:


that evil girl is great.


I like very much the render of the rabbit toy, the teddy bear. They seems real toys. Very good job. But I would like to tell you a small detail… The repetition of the texture of the wall creates the appearance of vertical brow bars. And it can create the unconsciously impression of the bars of a jail. If that is your intention I do not say anything. But it is not, you would improve a little the texture of the wall. That is the only defect that I can see him. I know that it is a WIP, and surely already you had thought to improve the texture of the wall. All the rest I like it. Good job.


It has been a while since the last update. First of all I would like to thank everyone for kind comments and suggestions.
The girl character is now rigged. It consists of 121 bones in total.
I have just finished animationg first shot. Please find preview at this link:

I am sorry that the file is about 6MB. I will do my best to submit smaller previews.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop,VRay

Please find attached test render form my animation. now computer or computers a re rendering 24h a day. This render have bugs but dont worry I can see them :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


pretty neat. i really like the texture of that rabbit.


hey the render looks very good man!.. The animation was nice too… but IMO if u speed it up a little it’ll look better i guess… keep goin… wanna c this finished!


Hey, that’s a really nice work. I like the shaders of the toys very much!
Keep going this cheerful work, I’m looking forward to see the final animation.


very cool render…i like a lot the textures, you got a really nice job with the materials and shadows…keep going!:scream:


Very nice piece! And the rabbit is cool hehe. Good luck!