Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Dariusz Sebastian Burdon


Dariusz Sebastian Burdon is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: Final Final Final Animation (after few tweaks)


The Idea of animation: A cute little girl about 2 years old is playing with toys. She rolls the dices with numbers and leters. Dices stop and create 666 number. Girl is turning into evil satanic girl and kills her toys. She will kill her toys with a yellow pencil. Than accidently she will hit one of dice and turn it form 666 to 66(something). Than she will turn back to normal.

Attached is a first previev of girl model.


Image: here is a test render of a girl with face texxture.

Story: Cute girl will kill her toys using pencil.


very cute girl
will you make fur on those shoes?
I would make the cheeks and nose more reddish.


here is a test render of pencils. I am quite proud of the model and materials although it is rether simple


here are the shoes. I think i will stick to this material.


Here is a rabbit toy. Little girl will rip his head off. :slight_smile:
Soon I shall submit animatic so you will all know what it is all about.


thats so cute man!!.. love the shader on the rabbit!.. looks very realistic in a stylized way… keep goin wanna c more!


very good man… keep em coming


Shading on the rabbit looks wonderful! He definitely looks fuzzy.


Cute model…it looks amazing…is a nice job with textures…well good job:beer:


the shader is great
could you show settings?


Can I join this team for the challenge as the Lighting TD?


Can I join this team for the challenge as a Lighting TD?


amazing texture on that rabit, well done.


Thank you for all the kind words. I do appreciate it. It is very motivating.

doodlerboy> Thank You for your offer. The fact is that there is no team at the moment and I am working by myself. I just hope I will be able to meet the deadline. I don’t think that light will be sophisticated for this animation, but I will definately let you know if I need any help.

ania> Here are the material setting for you.


Today’s update is this teddy bear.
Little girl will stab him in the eye with a pencil so that the eye button will break. It is the same shader as for rabbit. I will just need to fix bears feet a little.


In this picture you can see toys that will be somewhere in the background. I am not sure about the scale of few of them, but I will figure it out later.


Please find attached pictures of the girls room before and after she turns evil. This is a test of textures. I will put other models such as bed or toys later.


love this… the room WIP is looking good… and i love the toys u make… they r soo cute… keep up the good works mate.!