Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Daniel Brok


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Latest Update: Final Render: Bad Man make Bad Things


This is Lucifer, it is a little bit High and have creative Phase.
I hope it go never again High.


This are all Images that i found on google, to specify my ideas.


hehe nice idea man , ah so its a devils creation :), cant wait to see this ones 3d phase


i started with Column, poly-modeling.


and i start to sculpture Adolf


Column + Shader + Bump + AO


I made some tweaks and changes, on him.


Interesting models, although I’m not sure on what story the image is trying to tell. Perhaps you could explain further so we can all understand what your idea is? :thumbsup:


Hey nice modeling on the sculpture! thought it’s hitler?! and avile want sculpte him?! hmm?!
Anyway intresting work sofar! I’ll continue chek here for more progresses, so keep it up!
and Goodluck, :thumbsup:



I sketched some things out and spend some time on the ears.


Your idea looks very good. Good modeling and rendering too.

good luck.


looking good…I would suggest smoothing out the surfaces on the face such as the cheeks, forehead and neck, too. The detail you have sculpted into those areas looks really abrupt and could use some smoothing out. I would do that kind of sculpting on lower levels of subdivision so as to spread over more gradually. Either that or make your brushes have more falloff. Focus on giving the cheeks and chin areas their right amount of surface flesh and fat in a more subtle way and you’ll have a more convincing bust of a head.

Keep cranking away!!!


little render test, GI + Ambient Occlusion and Cavity maps.
No Displacement only Bump vor the Column.

thanks for users opinions


It is hard to give any comment to this. Hitler is a sensitive subject.
I think the idea is good and well executed if we disregard the subject.


some changes on Nose and Textures


started with another Bad Guy


The Building is build from five Moduls with UV’s in one map, to save UV space

ground Bricks : Shader baked to Texture
Building Stone : Hand painted Texture + Bump


Sculpting Phase


Sculpting Phase Two