Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Claire Duval


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Latest Update: Modeling: The Car


Hey to you Claire !
Nice to see you there ! I hope you will have fun doing it !


Hey Claire ,

Great to see you entered too ,

Have a lots of fun and best of luck

cheers ,



:smiley: The beautiful Clairebella!.. Great to see you’re in on this one, I look forward to seeing your choices:curious:


hello hello Clair, next expected user to be here :slight_smile: good luck, waiting for some ideas!


Hello All. My idea (the only one I’ve had so far!) is of a country lane, with a small creature trying to cross the road without getting squashed. He gets half way, then hears a vehicle coming. The creature crossing the road will be a small car and the vehicle a giant road hog (a supper speedy hedgehog!!) The car doesn’t make it across the road… a good idea or do I need locking up? :eek: :twisted:


hehe, I love it! It’s fun to read how people switch the roles of common things:) this challenge is going to be a huge fun :smiley:

I think you can go with this idea, but think, think, perhaps something catchy will come.


Thanks Arturro. Will try and develop this idea and then see if I get inspired by anything else. :slight_smile:


…tiny car trying to cross the road… straight into the path of a road hog…


A start on the car…


…car update


…meant to say that I will be doing this in a cartoony style… :bounce:


Hi, and oh - already started to model :thumbsup:
Really fun idea, have fun and good luck with it!


… I thought I had better make a start on this challenge as I haven’t completed the few previous times. Work seems to get in the way! :shrug: Hope I get to finish this one. :bounce:


Funny idea Claire !
Some reversed situation, cool. Can imagine the look of the car after it was crashed by the hedgehog…


Dang ! … Already into modeling ? :bounce:

The car made me do a big awww :slight_smile: .
Can’t wait for more ! Go , go ! :wip:

cheers ,



Funny concept and nice car… looking forward to the hedgehog model…:thumbsup:


Hey Claire,

Looks like you’re having fun with this :slight_smile: Will be intrigued to see how this turns out!

Good luck!


Your car looks funny! Congratulations! Good luck!


hi Claireabella… i like your concept and modeling.
good luck my friend:thumbsup: